Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Name this style. Rihanna's version. What say you?

Hey! Remember this post and style?

It pops up again today on Rihanna as spotted by Coco & Cream. I am actually loving the hair, makeup and the green earrings, and the ummm, concept(?) of the dress she has on but it really just looks like her lingereee went crazy and began devouring her like an evil lace plant.

But the braid style is still hott to me, though maybe I can't do it again cause it will reinforce the random Rihanna comparisons I get lately O_o.  What can we call this style?


  1. Not sure what to call this style. It's a very dramatic look. As soon as I saw the pictures, I knew she had to be at that gala. LOL Minus the train, I like the dress.
    And, I never noticed the resemblance before now. Wow:)

  2. We can call the style Swiss Maiden with a twist! :D

  3. I like that! how about the Urban Maiden? lol


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