Thursday, May 19, 2011

Catching Up and a very slick high bun

I have a serious backlog of posts, and some of them are getting old, and some missed their window of relevancy- like what I have to say about the darn Psychology Today Article.... SMH... Alas.  I'll publish it when I finish writing it anyway.

Meanwhile I have some picts to post to start catching up. yey!

First Update:

My hair is long enough again that I can get all of it into a high bun (low buns have been possible for months now) with only help from a brush.  I have been killllling this style.  So much so that the front and sides of my hairline need a break before they take one lol.  The bun itself is just a half-pulled-through pony. Nothing fancy at all, a nappy knot.  But for the edges and pulling it into the pony I used the KMF gel with some grapeseed oil... can I tell you how slicked up my hair was?  After 2 days it wasn't even wavy like usual.  It was straight.....  Like Straight.  Note following exhibits:

I had a headband on here and it helps a lot with the fuzzys that come by the end of the day without it.

I have a few picts of the fuzzies from another day.  I was just about to take off my makeup here and go to bed, and had even begun to take my hair down when I thought to take these. I snapped a few flicks in the poor lighting in my room but I think you can see the fuzz lol.  This was the very end of the night of the Amel Larrieux show at Park at 14th in DC.  I have a video of her FABULOUS fro-like hair that night I am posting next.
LOL see the halo of fuzz.

What has everyone else been up to?  I think I am loving the bun so much because I am planning on a styled hair cut in June and have kinda been putting my hair away while I hold off on that.  It keeps me from getting scissor happy myself lol. I trimmed almost 8 weeks ago though. I think I am going to try and stay on top of those 8 week trims.  I didn't think it used to matter, but in growing my hair long I think that will help eliminate knots and splits if I decide to grow it out after this cut.  It's a good habit for me to form.  Fairy knots are my hairs arch nemesis.


  1. 8 week trims are definitely helping for me. My styles seem to look better (twistouts, braidouts)Your hair looks pretty as usual:-)

  2. Our hair always looks so royal while sitting atop of our heads, you look like a queen :)

  3. i'm interested in what you have to say about that psychology today article. i'm still shocked they agreed to publish that crap.

  4. I've been rocking the old standby ponytail lately. Since my roots are nappy, it looks like I attached a dread phony pony on top of some nappy hair lol

    I love the's fab ;-)


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