Monday, May 9, 2011

D.M.V. Shout out!

Hey DMV ladies! (DC, MD, VA)

I have met a few women in person who read my blog and I just want to say that it really makes my day to know you are on here and appreciate the blog enough to say hello.  And then I feel bad that I am not posting as often as I want to lol.

So a big Hello! to you all, anyone who has seen me out and about and said hi, and everyone reading and checking out the picts (and sometimes vids). I am glad I can help, and entertain and share.  I appreciate the love!

Sooo in the spirit of sharing for my DMV friends (sorry everyone else!)- I discovered a product seemingly exclusive to Safeway and its partners.  A brand called In-KIND.  It was $5 each on sale as I walked down the product aisle, which I habitually do even when I should not.  The only info I can find about the product on the internet is about the new bottle designs, which are quite fabulous!  So I was a sucker and grabbed the Curl Care Conditioner, Gel, and styling cream.  Two thumbs up for the conditioner and styling cream. One Thumb down for the gel.

The smell of all the products is kinda of citrus and clean.  I love it, particularly given my love for the KMF gel grapefruity smell lol.

But the conditioner- it's light and sudsy kinda.  It reminds me of the Yes to Cucumbers consistency.  It works well to detangle and it seemed very moisturizing.  Plus the ingredients are pretty good so I am in serious like.

Then the leave-in.  It has wax in it- *insert sound of doom* BUT my hair loves products with waxes- like Deva Curl Set it Free.  The issue with waxes is that they can build up, and if you are using direct heat( I don't) I hear it can burn and damage the hair.  I have not had any build up issues so I can't knock it for my own hair.  anywhoo... It spreads, is has slip, it's light, it smells good. seems to keep my hair plump-like.  My hair is shiny with it alone.  Again- I like it a lot.

Now the gel- womp womp.....It's liquidy, super light- again- reminds me of AnGEL from Deva.  It goes on kinda like a serum- but it doesn't stick any hair together- no clumping.  Then by the time you have applied enough to think it's helping- all you have done is guarantee some crunch on your undefined curls later lol. whack. no es bueno on wet hair.  But I will try it in a roller set before I turn my other thumb down.

So here is day two hair, with their gel fading fast, from last week. Sorry I only got a few hasty pictures.  It is just halfway pulled back with a plastic elastic into a loose and low puff.
Looks kinda like a large hawk. (heh heh)

TODAY, however, I did the same product combo but used my pink Ecostyler gel and a lil grapeseed oil over it = Defined, soft, fluffy curls all over!  Loving it! I have gotten several compliments out and about and even wrote down my blog and the Eco styler for a woman who sold me some cute shoes lol.  I'll take picts when I get home.

So if you have a safeway near you- here is their nod to natural haircare products.  I'd say it's definitely the best buy on their shelf if you happen to need something while you are out lol.


  1. I love your blog and was referred by Alex at thegoodhairblog. I hate to be leaving this here but I couldnt find a contact email. I am producing SunFest 2011, June 19 in Downtown Silver Spring and am looking for local DMV natural hair bloggers to for our Natural Hair Community Booth. If you are interested and would like more details please contact me or Thank you.


  2. Humph! I wish I lived in the DMV area lol

  3. I live in Chicago and have recently seen this product in Dominick's. I will have to give In Kind a try. I know you get this a lot but your curls are amazing and give me hope that one day I can get curls like this too :)

  4. I purchased in kind gel and anti frizz cream today going to try them. Let you know what i think. 3/b curly hair. I live in Anchorage, Alaska.


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