Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Styled twists with a pinwheel bang.

hey ya'll.  I twisted my hair up this past Friday evening.  I twisted it dry but used KMF gel as I went, which resulted in some very thin and smooth twists- which I don't like.  What do you know.  They were super elongated and stringy so I put them on flexi rods for the night, but the next day I still wasn't feeling it.  So I came up with this for Sat and have been wearing variations ever since.

They are all just pinned to one side and left to fall as they may.  The front I pinned and tucked into a pinwheel shape.
 Then this week at work it turned into this as more of the twists got uber straight and wanted to unravel.  The curls also fell the rest of the way out of most of them.  That KMF gel is very wierd.  it really changes my hair to a different texture.  bueno for loose hair, not so good for twists.  Here is a twist taken loose- it looks like I did it on pressed hair or something.

So I have been wearing it like this, which I have rather enjoyed!! Its in a "selective ponytail" to one side.  a few twists have been freed to hang longer that the rest.

 I was feeling my outfit too so here it is! lol.  Nine West boots, Forever 21 jeans, OldNavy blouse and sweater. AND 65 degrees outside yesterday and today in DC!

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