Monday, February 27, 2012

Final Wrap up- Press is over

I have my kinks and coils back! :-)

I got an astounding 11 days out of the press this time around.  And for ME, beeswax (not pure but rater mixed with petroleum- as in Dax) is the key!  I even added it to the little Amazon store on the sidebar. As soon as my hair gets fluffy and starts to revert I would smear the thick stuff over the ends in particular and viola!!  It is saved.  And resistant to humidity!

To wash it out what I do is soak it in a slurry of half conditioner and half oil for about 4 hours.  I put that directly on the dry straight hair - and experience a moment of panic as the hair does not immediately curl up o_o
Last time I used vatika oil, this time olive oil.  I read somewhere that oil helps dissolve the wax, lessening the need for harsh shampoos.  I only needed one sudsing with Giovanni's 50/50 balancing shampoo and my hair felt super naked.  I followed that with Joico k-Pac reconstructing conditioner for 15 min and then yes to Tomatoes (just happened to be what I had) for one final smoothing and clumping session.  I noticed absolutely NO heat damage, and actually my hair seemed coilyer than it has in months.  This is probably because of the rare shampooing and deep conditioning.  Maybe the trim too.

But all in all, I think I have this thing down.  Yey for home hair care!!

Here is how the press played out over the days, chronologically.

Day One reminder:
Day 2:
Was wearing it wrapped under a hat when commuting to work.
Curls fell over the weekend and I didn't feel like re-curling 
by sleeping in flexi rods until Sunday night.
New work week!
Thursday- 1 full week:
Indoor light:
 Friday bun at- 8-9 days. I wore it out one more day after that. 
Then another bun and finally a wash later that day.
By the way- I have a really cool feature post with a HUGE (! H U G E !) update from one of the Yougocurl girls in the side bar. :-D  Stay tuned.


  1. your hair is beautiful! you did an awesome job with the press. i am flat-ironing mine tomorrow for a change...=)

  2. I haven't been on your blog in a while, but this press -- it looks really, really nice! I went through a heat-styling crisis not long ago. I ended up having to do a major cut because of the heat damage. However, seeing these photos makes me want try again... maybe. Possibly.

  3. I got a flat iorn with a a controllable temperature gauge so I can keep the heat below 350. 320 was enough this time. No burning smell, not even of products burning off, and it has vents, which I think helps keep everything cool/burn free. I too had to cut most of my hair off back in 06 after using the cursed maxiglide :-( Here is my new iorn >


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