Thursday, February 16, 2012

Birthday Weekend and Valentine's Day

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!
As some of you may know, it was also my birthday on the 14th.  I have a definite hate/tolerate relationship with my birthday and all my closest friends not only know this but have seen my best laid plans unravel due to the holiday or snow.

Soooo they decided to jump the gun early and throw me a surprise dinner! And they got me good :-o
I thought I was meeting 2 girls for "decompression drinks" and when we "randomly" picked a place, ta-da! ALL my closest friends! It was awesome.
So then one of my girls hosted a game night and we played wii and Taboo, with shots. Good times lol.  Perhaps you can see that us ladies on the right were not doing so well with the MJ dance game lol. I will spare you the rest of the details, like how the women lost to the men in Taboo, furthering our 0-74 record...

Anyway, so the day of my birthday I took the day off work, went shopping and did an experiment with my hair.  I tried adding some "glue" by Garnier to the leftover goddess curls gel. (I'm soooo serious about using up these dud products someway-somehow!) I stretched it out with my blow-dryer once it dried.  And it was ok for like 5 hrs then started to flake :-( But here are a few picts.
 Yep those are flakes :-(
I did have a casual (and very nice and handsome!) valentine date that evening and I wore all the above (you have seen that outfit before lol). But I also must mention my fancy nail polish.

I don't usually paint my nails noticeable colors, but this one caught my eye in the store for it's suggestive grey/blue color.  It's called "Greycian Goddess" by Loreal.  It seems to change color depending on what light you are in, having a neutral grey or a blue tint.  I was loving it UNTIL I tore my thumbnail darn near in half early the morning of the 14th O_o

Almost ruined my day, as I was in the middle of doing my hair and was struggling to get the lid of a bottle when it happened.  But I threw a bandaid on it till I could get some nail glue later, and I kept it moving! I took picts of the other hand lol.

Hope you all had a lovely Valentines day!


  1. Love the way your hair is hanging.

  2. Love the nail polish and I hope you enjoyed your birthday after everything was said and done.

  3. Thank you!

    And I had a great birthday this year. The curse is lifted :-D

  4. happy belated birthday! sounds like you have great friends and you guys had a great time. my birthday is the 7th AQUARIUS' UNITE! (yes, i am a dork that way.)


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