Monday, February 20, 2012

Newly Pressed Picts and Wrapping Tutorial vid

I pressed my hair again! on a whim the day after my birthday.  It turned out well last time with no damage and I was bored and needed to wash out the failed birthday hair anyway.

I spoke too soon in this video when I said I had not noticed any single strand knots, because as of a few weeks ago, they cropped up again.  And I was due for a trim as the last one, prior to almost constantly wearing my hair out, was over 9 weeks ago.  So I pressed my hair the same way as before, using a dab of Dax Beeswax as I went. Here it was before trimming:
I cut this much off, not too much... I followed the shape of the existing curl ideal layers, and cut a little extra from the very front bang area, as they had gotten a bit too long.
And it looked like this after trimming and before curling:
And here it is the next day after sleeping in the purple flexi curlers.
That was last week and today is day 5.  It still looks good, but the curl is practically gone, yet I have not wanted to sleep in the curlers.  My hairline is a little sore, which I find happens when I wear my hair straight.  My scalp is soooo not used to being accessed every day. I have been alternating the directions of my wraps, so that has provided some relief.

SOoooo here is a tutorial on how I wrap my hair.  I know everyone has their way of doing it, so here is mine :-)
Note my minor (and sucky) video editing lol.  I was rambling like hell so I had to trim some foolishness out!


  1. Nice!!! Super pretty - love the shine...

  2. Your hair looks beautiful. I love it curly or straight. Quick question...since you typically wear your hair in its natural state, did you notice an abundance of compliments when you wore it straight? I'm natural is wear and wear it curly and will straighten it from time to time. I noticed the overwhelming number of compliments I'll get when its straight. I wanted to know if you experienced that as well.



  3. thanks @FindingMe :-D

    @ Jas - YES! It's kinda of annoying because it seems a bit aggressive in that they "prefer" I keep it that way. But at the same time it's nice that I can wear my hair so differently and it can solicit that attention with no chems. It's still natural ;-)

    I keep an eye on the guys though -_o How they react is very telling about how they really feel about my coils.

  4. Sooo not hair related but where can I get that cute shirt?!

  5. Forever 21! Though I washed it and it shrunk, a lot, lol.

  6. Thanks for responding Nisus! I've had people tell me they prefer it straight as if their opinion counted more than mine. LOL Someone even commented that men like straight hair better but I digress. Everyone has a preference and I'm not going to stress myself out in trying to attract a certain kind of man because he doesn't like curly hair.



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