Monday, February 13, 2012

Whitney Houston

She was certainly HERE.

And now she's gone.
Having known and loved people struggling with substance abuse, and various demons, I was kind of numb to the public spectical that became Bobby and Whitney and a million soundbites.  Soundbites that are fun to repeat, but were fragments of her life being scattered about like glitter. I never watched their reality show- it was painful for me to see her like that, and have some knowledge of what it might be like for her baby girl and the rest of her family. In that light, her death does not shock me as much as sadden me and stoke my pessimism.  We can certainly use ourselves up, only to find ourselves finished at the most perplexing times.

But her artistry, talent and legacy are part of American history and culture. Forever. Like I've stated before- we are sharing this time with each other.  I am happy to have lived part of my time here, during her time here.

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