Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fluffy hair follow up

Remember this post about bigger hair?
So the first pic kinda accurately projects how it feels 2-3 days later :-(
And the rest convey how it looks.
SO I ended up putting it in a puff after the very first day.  It felt DRY and tangled and I did not feel I could wear it down without risking a lot of single strand knots and snags.

Today I wore it like this because even the puff was rubbing my shoulders and I worried about my ends.  It looks ok but the cream of nature leave in is not so much a leave in as it is a sealant.  Great shine, but that's it.  Like for relaxed hair.

But look at my little curlies :-) I love them so. I just have to protect them and this product combo is not the way!

Rebooting with a co-wash tonight!


  1. In an attempt to limit the number of products I'm regularly using on my curls, I tried the WEN Cleansing Conditioner & was pleasantly surprised! I have ordred the whole little set now. Hopefully it will continue to give me defined, shiny, bouncy, soft curls. Just sharing, in the event that you too might have been curious about it.


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