Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First episode of The Game Season 5

Let's go talk by the water cooler for a sec...

Yes- I was a fan of The Game back in the day. Girlfriends and The Game were my favorite sitcoms on network TV for their durations. (Don't judge me lol)

I fear The Game has gone all meet the browns and made for BET on us. BUT I still watch it, and get a bit excited about it. Because I was hooked on the old story lines and wanted to see what would happen.

But we aren't getting to see what happens. We are seeing The Game on BET. sigh... New things that happened THEN that we didn't see? Old things that were significant in one way then are significant in a new way now.

The old Game would have made a whole ta-do about the hypocrisy of Derwin's abortion and Melanie's child.... I mean the other way around. right. And the old Melanie would have been like the rest of us and held that info as a chip in her pocket to hit him with when he was being ridiculous or asking too much. Granted, he had no choice in carrying out becoming a father or not, but she was riding with him all along in her heart of hearts. There could have been so much more depth behind that whole scenario. Alas, we got a few confrontations and a few real life situations to devour yesterday.

So Jason... and his divulgence that he is intimidated by black women because of his experiences as a young man... That's real. ok. I can see how that developed his character a bit. But the Stacy Dash bribe from his daughter about her barely being black, and then his subsequent admission that he was aware of relaxing his baby's hair to give her more of an option to "pass"... I really hope they get back on that complexity. The setting, sudden outpouring of personal info and the soundtrack(horrible!) can all try again though. No points.

The Malik and Tasha scenario... no comment. It's shallow and peppered with inappropriate humor thus far.

The styling on the show... meh. They stepped a little away from the uber glam thing they did last season, which was a relief. But is it just me or does Melanie still appear to be a little preg or carrying weight around her middle? I don't know when this particular episode was filmed and it seemed a bit seamless appearance wise from the last season. But Tia's flowy clothes and babydoll style shirts peek my curiosity- even on her appearances on 106 and Park a few days ago.

I think because she is about my age, and has been open about her trials and tribulations with becoming a mom, I am like- watching her now. lol.

Unlike Girlfriends the styles of the women on The Game are not unique, the weaves and hair colors seem arbitrary and random. I'm not connecting. I will say that I still much preferred Melanie with darker hair, and Tasha with her asymmetrical cut with the swooshy bang.

OK. I'm done. There is not much more there to even discuss, sadly.

What did ya'll think???


  1. I'm not a fan so I didn't watch but I do know that they started filming the new episodes JUST 6 weeks after Tia Mowry gave birth via she really didn't get a chance for her body to really heal and get into an exercise regimen before they started filming. I believe she also gained more weight than she wanted to during her pregnancy so I guess they are trying their best to work around her post pregnancy physique.

  2. I'm confused-- are you aware that Tia had a baby or just asking if there is 2nd on the way?

  3. Yes her son is 6 months now right? I watched some of the show about her and her sister.
    So OK- 6 weeks post op/baby is crazy! She is hardcore and she does look good. I guess what is confusing me now is her appearance on 106and Park just this week- so 6 months post now right? She still looked to have weight in the middle, no? But like I said I am uber inspecting her, and all women who are having children in their 30's, because one day that will be me, but older lol. I wonder if she is having another soon. I would!

  4. ooooh ok, yeah, think it was due to the fact that she was taping right after giving birth. Remember, she put on a considerable amount of weight...

    I am in total agreement with your assessment, except that part about Jason. I think the blackwomenpickedonme thing was weak. I just feel like it is a cop-out storyline and it looks like it is leading to him all of a sudden loving black women.

  5. They starting taping the Game like a month after Tia had her baby so she is definitely still carrying some baby weight. (Oh, I know this from watching Tia & Tamera on the Style Channel- cute show). But anyways, yea the Game def seems to be mad for BET. Which is so disappointing because that seems to ruin things. All the story lines are becoming so shallow like the writers present a topic but don't feel like going into it.

  6. Can we talk about how the most recent episode was even worse? There were several face palm moments as BET had it's way with our show. This whole rich football players life thing has been taken allll the way down the road. And did I miss an episode? Tasha sold the house? Melanie's doing in-vitro? The only story line I like is Jason and Chardonnay and I actually thought Brady's bit of acting was the best on the show O_-

  7. I completely agree with you about that last episode and yesterday's episode. I still like the show and I am going to continue watching but I am hoping that it will improve. We shall see.....

  8. News flash. Its not as easy for some to lose tummy weight after a pic baby. Having babies is war with your body. I am shocked that women can be superficial about someone's body after a child. I had a baby 2 years ago and my body has not been the same but it was worth it because I created life. I value everyone's opinion but let's be responsible about what we put out there concerning others. I am sure if she read your blog she would be hurt by that comment. As a blogger you are also being watched and I wouldn't want you to feel you couldn't blog after your baby because your hair shed or changed because it does for most. I would want you to continue and show women you are strong and real. Be blessed.


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