Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 Products

I was sick- so pardon the sniffling and the 1000000000 "UM"s lol I wish I did product giveaways or something and I would have people count how many times I said "um" lol. I'll get better. smh  

Check out the Amazon store I made in the sidebar >>>

And I just want to really commit to sticking to my KMF gel, castor oil, and leave-ins with beeswax in them - like hairveda's almond glaze.  
I'm happy with my hair right now. It's a good length, it seems healthy and most of all- it's been LOW MAINTENANCE lol and still not breaking off. So this is my game plan for 2012!


  1. Your hair looks fab! What is the ratio of gel and oil?

  2. Thanks! I'd say 1/4-1/3rd oil to gel. Castor oil is pretty non-greasy.

  3. I love your hair :)How do you dry your hair? It's really cold right now on the East coast. Do you diffuse or air dry?

  4. Sorry- I never answered the question above- I usually blow it semi dry, or wash my hair when I get home from work to give it some time to air dry before I go to bed. My diffuser nozzle won't stay on my blow-dryer anymore so I have been using the blow-dryer without it and it's not seeming to make it any more frizzy. who knew lol

  5. I love your hair as well, OMG, I've been searching for someone that has hair like mine. I find your info so helpful as my curls at this moment are tight. I can't run my fingers thru it, but my hair texture is very close to yours. So i'll be using these products for sure. The biggest issue I'm having now is that my hair tends to dry out during the course of the day. I use Kinky Curly products on dripping wet hair in the morning...and by the next morning (even with a silk scarf) it looks like a dry brillo pad until i wet it again. But I can't wait to see the outcome. Thank God I stumbled upon this blog.

  6. Hi Tiffany!! The castor oil has been the saving grace for my fine but dense, kinky curls! It's the only oil with staying power for me. I also like products that have a little Beeswax in them, despite the controversy the weight is much needed for me.


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