Monday, January 23, 2012 - Nisus

Bigger hair with lighter product

I talked about hair texture in my last post and subsequently developed a desire to wear my hair bigger this weekend. I was headed out to watch the games and made this video before I left. I used the same smoothing and co-washing methods I usually use, and applied the gel the same way I usually do. But it's a much lighter hold gel so I get very different results.
I used Ouidad Climate Control Gel and Creame of Nature Lemongrass & Rosemary leave in.
Neither of these are favorites of mine, so I am just using what I have left! The leave-in has petroleum as the second ingredient, so I am keeping a close eye on my face/acne and tying it away from my skin at night. The Gel has great slip and gives a shiny light hold. It was expensive but I get much better results with less expensive gels.
Let's consider this operation "don't buy anything else" lol.


MJ said...

Very nice! I'd really like to see how it turns out in a day or two.

Nisus said...

Sneak preview- it looks and feels awful! LOL
Will update soon with picts.

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