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The Twist-out that won't quit! Jemima is back with another set

You all remember my girl Jemima? Check out that post from a little over a year ago and check out her growth and continued mastery of caring for her hair.

Picts and instructions galore!

Hello again,

After wearing my braids for three months, I decided to take them down because I simply MISSED my hair!
Immediately after take down:
After watching a few You Tube videos, I stumbled upon Mahogany Curls discussing the benefits of the “curly girl method”

I first used John Frieda Frizz Ease Curly Daily Conditioner to detangle hair in the shower. I lost less hair doing this step.  Instead of using shampoo I used Aztec Indian Healing Clay.

The clay defined my curls and did great job clearing my scalp.
I used John Frieda Frizz Ease Curly Daily Conditioner along with raw Shea Butter to double strand twist my hair. I decided not to use heat to dry my twists and instead let them air dry over night. Because of previous heat damage, I used the twist and curl method on the front half of my hair. I used flex rods on the ends.

 The next morning I simply untwisted and fluffed with and added a lil Raw Shea Butter on the ends for more defined and less crispy curls.
After a week of wearing my twist out, I decided to try a new look. I’ve had a hard time finding a gel to use that will not flake on me after a few days. I had a little bit of left over IC Fantasia gel so I decided to mix it with my new found love John Frieda Frizz Ease Curly Daily Conditioner!

I added two teaspoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil for shine. The result was a great ponytail and bang style. I created a fake bang by pinning the bang with bobby pins until I reached the desired length. I also try out a bump instead of the bang. I really liked both styles!
 Day two of this style I have no flakes or residue while playing with my coils. I have serious HIH (hand in hair) issues lol.
Good luck on your journey!
 What do you all think? She always has the best sets with minimal frizz!


MღRLz said...

Very beautiful hair! Love the styles

Ellegant Elle said...

Love the coils!

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