Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Flakes, Flakes, Flakes! Yeah u know I got them Flakes!

Full stop, return to base, do not pass go.  The Jamician Mango Lime Coily stuff, mixed with Flaxseed gel did indeed FLAKE. Badly!  by mid-day 2.  I took my hair out of my ponytail and was like WOAH! how random!

It looks like Sacha Baron Cohen got me at the Academy Awards :-(

AND I took the time to doublestrand-multi-bantu my hair last night to stretch it out.
And I have to get home still. :-(


  1. Yeah that can happen if you use a little too much of the flaxseed gel or if you use something under it which causes it to flake. I've found that using a small amt. of flaxseed gel along with a regular oil can combat the flakes. However, I don't reapply the flaxseed without washing; so I don't use it between washes at all.

  2. I think using something under it is what's messing me up. I'm halfway through a large second batch of the flaxseed/marshmallow gel and want to challenge myself to use ONLY that as my gel and see what layering products work. So far my castor oil seems to do fine alone, but I can only get a few days out of my wash-n-go - not enough moisture being retained. Any other suggestions?


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