Friday, March 2, 2012

Flaxseed gel follow up

Its still early, but here is the result of finally applying the Flaxseed/Marshmallow gel all over my whole head.  These are the picts from this morning, fully dry, after stretching slightly with a blow dryer.  Ya'll... it feels like I made my own Kinky Curly custard.

Here it was last night after applying and diffusing for 20 min.  My hair was about 90% dry.  It goes on like a non-sticky, super slimy/mucusy version of the Kinky Curly Custard.  I added castor oil mixed with Hairveda's almond glaze to each section after I raked it through.  
Flaxseed gel has never worked out like this for me before.  I blame the addition of the marshmallow, and maybe the raw honey.  Not sure- but thus far I have a winner! More to come...


    Thanks for sharing the update, I was really impressed with your initial video and was looking forward to seeing the results.
    I am a fan of KC Custard but find it too sticky. I like how you personalized it by adding the honey and additional things that work for specifically for you- I am going to try this at home!

  2. Wow it came out beautiful! I'm not sure if you did a post on how flax seed gel worked for you before but my question is how did the flax seed gel work before without the new addition of ingredients?

  3. Hello! Here is the post I did onit before. I wasn't getting any hold. Just shine and modest slip.

    Yes this time around I got something very close to Kinky Curly but without the stickiness!

  4. Great curls! Flaxseed is definitely awesome. I don't use it as much b/c it goes bad quickly if not preserved. But its definitely one of the few natural ingredients that's worth the hype.

  5. Your hair looks amazing! love it.


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