Monday, March 12, 2012

Jamaican Mango and Lime Transition Natural

As usual, Nuri and I were chatting the other day about hair stuff lol. And our old, once-beloved
Jamaican Mango Lime Cactus line is now at Target with a new venture for transitioners (which makes me laugh- not "naturals", but "transitioners" smh).

But first lets talk about what happened here.  Back in like 2003 we discovered the "green oil" and soon after the Cactus Leave in.  The ingredients were exclusive of mineral oil and fillers at the time.  We used to stock up at National Wholesale Liquidators (out of business now) and sing its praises from the mountaintop. One fateful day, I think it was Nuri who noticed that the ingredients had changed on her most recent purchase. Mineral oil...garbage... *tears*
This sparked a manic reaction of both hording what was left of the original formulas, letter writing (lol - for serious), and even giving the new formulas a try (fail). I had to walk off into the fog in 2005-06, predating this blog.  But I never forgot the smell and the once-good product in the green and white containers.

So fast forward to today.  In target there was this, inspiring this conversation:
4:52 PM me: omg i saw it at target last weekend
  they also have hair rules now
4:53 PM i had to run away
 nuri: so i got this stuff last night
4:54 PM cuz i dunno why, just cuz
  so i tried it today just for kicks
 me: the fate that would have befallen me....
 nuri: i think i actually like it
  i co-washed, used a tiny bit of knot today, that stuff and a little eco styler
4:55 PM me: what's in it though. they got janky w/ ingredients
 nuri: my hair is way softer than usual
 me: humph
 nuri: Deionized water, calendula oil, glycerol, soybean oil, sunflower oil, palmorosa oil, babassu oil, glycerin, hydrolyzed keratin, chitosan succinamide, polyquaterium 10, polyquaterium 32, dmdm hydantoin, avocado extract, lemongrass, sweet fennel extract, rosewater, chlorophyll, orange peel extract, sage, hazel nut oil, ginger root extract, fragrance
  so there's like 2 or 3 things that are questionable
  cuz i don't know what they are
4:56 PM me: not as bad as I woudl have thought though
  they know we dont play certain ingredients lol
  they shoudl revisit their green oil
4:57 PM sigh... and that leave in they had....
  I miss it so
5:02 PM nuri: i haven't even seen it on shelves
  the green oil i mean
  i still have some that i horded
 me: lol. mine is long gone :-(
 nuri: but this stuff smells just like that
 me: humph
5:03 PM damnit target. i have $30 gift cert for there lol

7 minutes
5:10 PM nuri: it's still wet, so i can't fully say what I think of it
  but i do like the fact that it feels and smells good
  and it mixed with gel
5:11 PM me: all good things
  plus the nostalgia of them being good before nuri: yup.
 Soooo.  I did go buy some lol.  And I mixed it with my flaxseed gel yesterday for my wash and go.  The smell is dead on with what I remember.  I need to write more about the flaxseed gel after my month of trials, but I did find that it flaked with the Shea moisture smoothie.  Not so with this coiling cream.  BUT I can't say that it did anything spectacular either.  Its shiny and feels good, but I am not blown away like I was with the KMF gel results the first time.  But let this post serve to say.... I have my eye on you Jamaican Mango Lime Cactus.  I have my EYE on. you.

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