Monday, February 22, 2010

Can you spot me? ~1992/1993

Can you spot me?

Check out all the bangs! and guess what- I have a bang again now after all these many years! LOL. I see pink sponge roller bangs, curling iron bangs, "tootsie roll bangs", high ponytails lol. Overalls, herring bone chains, pixi stix.. the list goes on. ahhh nostalgia...

My 90's look from an old school party this weekend. Pretty close hu? LOL


  1. very tip top 2nd from left...still the same! :)

  2. Love the pic from this weekend: make-up & hair looks fab! :0) You don't even need a bang but great style nonetheless.

  3. Girl from the train ... (my name is Izzy by the way lol) YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! I know you get compliments on your hair, but you are just all around beautiful!!!! Just thought I would let you know!!!


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