Monday, March 1, 2010

The Life of a Braid & Curl Set

I did a braid and curl set with the small blue flexi rods last week. I did the set on Sunday on wet hair and sat under the dryer for 2 hours. I used Organix Weightless moisture mouse (a foam), caster oil and Elasta QP mango/Olive oil butter. When I woke up on Monday morning my hair was still wet! Soooo I left the braids in and just took the curlers out. I sure did go to work like this: (click on pictures to make them bigger. All were taken on my iPhone- sorry! )

But on Tuesday- after re-curling the ends I had this:

I was digging it.

On Wednesday it had evolved to this. I put it loose on larger curlers overnight. This was my favorite hair day ;-)

On Thursday I wore my "bang" out and the rest in a bun. I think I need a trim already. I plan on keeping it shorter up front for a while. I makes my life easier!

I'd bantu knotted it the evening before- and succeeded in ruining most of the larger curl pattern. It began to revert to my smaller curl pattern on its own. This was me at night with the bun taken down.

So Friday... Bang out again, which had gotten pooffy-er. I put the bun in back loosely to the side.

Annnd last but not least... Friday late evening. This is what was left. Good weekend big hair! BUT it was dirty because I used more product every evening. So the styling cycle starts over.


  1. Love the evolution of the style! Cool!

  2. how do you tie it up at night? its beautiful, i want to try it

  3. Tuesday's hair looks fab!!!! Great styles on all of the other days too.

  4. Love it! Especially the "bang", I've been doing that too, I forget how great it looks when I'm struggling for a cute style, and then I pull out that chunk of hair and shape it aroung my face and BAM!, instant cuteness!

  5. You're so beautiful!!! SO IN LOVE WITH YOUR HAIR!


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