Monday, March 8, 2010

Dodge the Disaster! Product mixing/white balls/flakes.

"Nisus, how do you use your Eco Styler as a wash n go? When you say you mix it with a leave in, do you put them on separately or you mix them in a bowl together and then apply? I can never get the look, and I always have the white balls issue? Please help"
OMG I know this disaster all to well. You have freshly washed/wet head of hair and you go to apply product... then ICK! white globby, flaky, pearled up flecks take over your pretty hair. Most of the time you have to start alllll over again and perhaps even "wash" it out. This sort of monkey wrench has tacked on 30 min of lateness, over-washing hair, and even failed attempts at salvaging, only to find myself in PUBLIC with grossness in my hair. So in my 9+ years since getting my last relaxer, I have discovered that it is not the Gel alone that causes the issue, and also that no plan is foolproof!

What I do now is sacrifice a dime - quarter sized dab of each product I plan to mix in my palm like so: Gel and leave in.

Then I use a finger to mix it thoroughly. If I get a smooth, creamy substance, it's probably safe. However, if it does this to any degree:

Looks gross right? It may vary from what looks like congealed milk or cottage cheese to a version of goo like above, where the product has a strong resolve to separate. It will do the same thing in your hair. The other thing to note is that you may have left-over product in your hair from conditioning, so add a dab of conditioner to the test as well if you still have some in your hair. Yet another variable. Similarly, a bit of water can sometimes make the products mix a little better, so if the results are questionable you could add a few drops. Water could push it to the safe zone.

The hitch IS, I have to remember to do this every time because going off memory has failed me far too many times. I'll forget which Gel or which leave in it was that worked, or sometimes arrogantly think a product is so similar to another that it will yield a similar result without testing = disaster.

The combo's I know work with Ecostyler off top are:
There are others for sure but I can't speak with certainty. I use IC gel and Kinky curly at times too, so I get confused. As far as application, it depends on how much time I have. If I have time I will mix them in an empty container beforehand and apply it heavily to my hair outside of the shower. If I'm running shorter on time, I'll apply my leave in in the shower as my last detangler, and then apply the gel, perhaps in the shower, but more likely a few min later. The results are about the same right away, but it lasts longer (3 day hair) if I mix them first. I guess it reconstitutes better, having had a more thorough mix and coat.

When testing a new product, my hair friends will say "it works with the gel!" when we find something that works. :-)

Good luck. And, everyone, let us know if you have combos that work for you.


  1. Africa's Best oil (w/castor,olive,etc), then Eco works! No flakes! p.s. I finally figured out the mix in the hand trick last week. I was determined not to let my big tub of olive oil eco go to waste. Also tried Feels Like Silk underneath and Cantu on top, but w/out mixing in the hand it's a no go. Flakes.

  2. gross. Cantu gives me flakes almost all the time when mixed. I feel like a scientist trying to use that stuff. It's a no-go for me :-(
    I'm glad to hear someone else does the mix and hand and it works :-)

  3. Hey Nisus, thanks for this post! I used your trick and finally found a mix that worked, I used infusium and the eco styler, the clear one...and I did my first real wash and go..hated it, that stuff shrunk up like nobody's business and took all day to dry...but it will be my go-to style for trips, lol..thanks for posting my question!

  4. Thanks for this! It's always a trial and error with the condish and the gel ya know? Thank you for helping to sort some of it out!

    - savvy

  5. I got some of the pink ecostyler from your suggestion. Had a few mishaps trying to mix it with regular conditioners like: Tresemme, Herbal Essences, and Organix... but the stuff mixes great with any pure oil or butter. So I've been using my large stash of conditioner for cowashing and then using whipped shea and this gel for styling. It provides excellent hold, deters the bad kind of frizz, and gives non-crunchy definition. So thanks!

  6. Giovanni Direct Leave in and Aloe Vera gel don't mix well for me lol.. it was horrible ..I totally found out about the hand test that way. Love your blog!!! :)

  7. I mix my conditioner and gel inside of my Ninja food processor and it comes out creamy. I tried mixing it in a bowl with a spoon & it looked like grits mixed inside of gel Lol


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