Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cornrow-out & short hair for a day.

Cornrows! I had not done a set of cornrows- (full straightbacks!) in a long time. I HATE the way they look on me, and even my man told me to put my hat back on lol. SO here is one blurry picture so you can see the size of them as I began to take them out. I'd had them in for almost 2 days as I putted around the house and made one trip to the mall over the weekend. I used Organix Coconut milk weightless mouse and shea butter on wet hair.

After I took the cornrows out I had this beautiful, stretched inner texture and frizzy ends.

So out came the flexirods. I used the really small red ones and put about 8 in.
The next day, half pulled back:

Was cute, but kinda all over the place for work. When i got to the office I tucked the ends under my head band and wore it like this:

I wore variations on this for the rest of that week, bandu knotting at night usually.
By the end of that week, I felt that my hair was really dry, despite slathering on moisturizers. I blame it partially on the organix mouse, which is tooooo "weightless" in my opinion. It did, however, produce a shiny, fast drying set. I also blame it on wearing my hair out of its curl pattern for 2 weeks. My hair yearns to form natural free form curls, and I think when the ends are out of their protective little huddle, it makes them more vulnerable.

I Deep conditioned with Yes to Carrots and Castor oil, then went back to a Diffused wash and go this week and I'm getting just as many days out of that with no heat and no re-wetting. I'm still not sold on the sets now that I know how to wear my hair curly for a few days.


  1. organix coconut milk mousse? really i would've never tried that, did you really like the results? Also, can you reccommend any good curl definers & moisturizers for my curly/coily hair?

  2. Your curls are gorgeous! I left a comment on the "flaxseed gel" post.


  3. Hello DarmaBrainiac!
    I don't remember why I purchased that organix mouse- I think it was on sale. I never buy mouse. But the ingredients don't seem too bad and it actually works like setting lotion. Except that it has the mouse effect of like - multiplying when u put it in your hair - and gives it a really good coat of light moisture. It reminds me of non-sticky hair spray. I used it on a wash and go once and got results like the flax seed gel anonymous mentioned. not bad!
    I love Cream of nature's rosemary lemongrass leave in and Elasta QP mango butter (or mango/Olive oil butter) for leave in moisture. They both work well with Ecostyler and IC gel for curl definition. Kemi shea butter pomade is my favorite "grease" for my ends and edges. Keeps hair really soft.


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