Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines day- my Birthday. Ramblings

So Valentines day is also my birthday. It has always been a wretched curse until this year. My man pulled out all the stops and made sure I had a weekend to remember! We had a lovely, local vacation and had a wonderful time. I wore my dirty hair up in a Princess braid.

Though we were together this time last year as well- I was in a wedding... in NJ. I got a full tour of the armpitness that state can exhibit, as we got lost, starved most of the day, and found ourselves staying at a hotel in the midst of being renovated, which also had a club (taking up what was left of the parking) downstairs at night. Anyways...

In the car the day before our weekend getaway, I pulled this mangled monstrosity from my hair:

I asked my BF what it was, at a loss of words myself. A split end? A knot?
He replied "it's a NAP". LOL. I thought to myself wow - this IS the "personification" of the negative connatation behind the word nap. I had to take a picture. I hope to never stumble upon one of THESE again.

On the Friday before the weekend I rinsed my hair and applied my wash and go products to get this stretched wash and go. I would have loved to keep rocking this for the weekend, but lacking a full wash or co-wash, my hair was just too dirty to keep it up. This produced that nap- can you believe it?

So at the Beautiful hotel this am I took advantage of the power shower and washed my hair- with their free shampoo (ghasp!) and used their conditioner and some carrot oil as my leave in. I got this fully shrunken, shiny, good smelling fro. Dense, dense, dense...

Well I hope everyone had a happy Valentines day!


  1. Glad to hear you had a great spite of the "nap" and the hotel sham-voodoo-poo :)

    Happy Belated!

  2. Happy belated Birthday and Valentine's Day!!

  3. the "nap" looks like a little flower...


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