Friday, February 19, 2010

"Breakthrough", a soul-hop musical by Princess of Controversy

Hey Everyone- I want you to meet my homegirl Princess! She is one of the first women I met and befriended when I moved to DC. Let me tell you- a LOT has changed since then. I'll spare you the details, but I am sooooo happy and proud of her for everything she has accomplished. And, as you can see, she has a FABulous sense of style and always rocks the flyest natural hair styles! pshhhawww... You should have seen her wedding hair :-)
Your girl will switch it up on you though, don't sleep, lol.

But, if you are in the DC area, I implore you to check out her stage production "Breakthrough", a soul-hop musical." Here is an excerpt:
"After quitting her 9-5 for a chance to become "famous" by producing a mega-reality show called "Starving Artist To SuperStar", Princess struggles with daily life issues of an artist and past demons she thought she had locked away forever. Faced with the deadline fast approaching she is hit with the fate that she may not "make it" and contemplates what she will do if she doesn't succeed as an artist. Then she meets DJ, and he could possibly be everything she ever needed OR.... just a dream, like everything else in her life! Could this be the breakthrough she's been waiting for or will she be forced to join the 9-5'ers for the rest of her life and give up her artistic dreams of changing the world?...And on LOVE???"
Sound familiar? Oh, how we struggle with all such things. Let me know if you get tickets. I got mine already!

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