Monday, January 4, 2010

It's a new decade, new resolve. BSL is dead.

Happy new year! I was so ready to part with 2009. There was just so much transition, including several family members leaving this life. But over all, I have my health, my relationships are still flourishing, personally and professionally, and I still look good! (if I do say so myself about to hit all of 30 yrs old next month lol.)

So one kind of personal thing I am tackling this year is my face, the skin on my face. Adult acne is the most esteem sapping thing I have dealt with. I mean I've gained weight, changed my hair, been unemployed, been cheated on even, but this- this is the one thing that has put a slouch in my shoulders. I wont talk much about it here on the blog, but it is something that you may notice changing about me if I have my way.

So for my hair. I got a hair cut on Dec 30th. I'll post the picts for my next post! I decided that the length that I was seeking, and had achieved to a great extent, was a mirage. I don't wear my hair straight. I don't plan on wearing my hair straight. I don't even like the way I look with straight hair. So why was I pursuing invisible length? My natural hair shrinks to only 25% of its actual length. It looks the same fully shrunken, and even stretched out now, as it did almost 2 years ago- even though it's about 6 inches longer. That is 6 inches of more detangling, more product and more styling. Hours more twisting and braiding. I'm not saying that I wanted to cut it off, or that I'll be going back to my length from a few years ago, but rather that I just don't care anymore. The Bra-Strap-Length goal is dead. I cut a "bang" back into the front, so that I can see again, and had about another inch taken off all over. My desire is to wear it out, or style it with much less effort and concentration on length that I never even display. Thus, if I need to cut or trim it, I will.

I will also be deep conditioning every 2 weeks by sitting under my new hooded dryer (thanks mom!) with conditioner and oil (either coconut, avocado, or safflower/e) for an hour. The hairdresser I went to mentioned my hair was dry, and she had just shampooed it, which I seldom do. I also have been noticing bubbles and tears high up into my hair strands- not a good look. So I want to banish all that. I want stronger, more manageable hair that can withstand a single shampoo (smh...)

I'm also willing to spend a little more, on less products. I want to build up my staples to include what works, and not just what will do for the money. So far, my list for the year includes:
  • Paul Mitchel (the generic version they sell at Sally's is perfectly the same and saves me some money) I use The Conditioner and will explore some of their more oily creams. I also use The Detangler in a pinch and it does what it says, though it smells like... um... a nasty nothing... ha ha.
  • Jason Green Rootine Silkening Creme. My hair just loves this stuff. LOVES it. I get good smelling, silky curls when I mix this with Ecostyler or IC gel. On its own I get very well moisturized and resilient texture. It's expensive and hard to find. But I will just have to find it. I may try the whole line.
  • Joico K-Pak Reconstructor (again- GVP from Sally's saves some bucks...) this stuff changes hair. immediately. I sucked the life out of my sample bottle and my hair is calling out for it.
  • And I have to renege on previous statements about C is for Conditioner Pampering Hair Mud Conditioner. This stuff has saved many an awry co-wash session. It started off as just an OK filler conditioner for me, after I disliked it's slip quotient and found myself left with a large bottle. However, in subsequent washing sessions, I have found it has better slip, and what's better-STAYING power, than most of the cheap conditioners I use. I now have only a small amount left in the large bottle, and am saddened to think of running out. I will fix this... by getting more.
  • This last one is not expensive, but it is rare. The PINK Ecostyler gel. I got the green olive oil version, and it is too stiff. The ingredients are also lack luster compared to the pink which has tea tree oil and other comparative lusciousness. I must find the pink again.
So that is my aesthetic 2010 change of heart. Blessings!


  1. I'm loving eco styler as well! I've recommended to a few natural friends who also love it & the price!

  2. Thx for the tip on the Generic conditioner. I've heard alot about the paul mitchell one but I don't like buying expensive products so I'm gonna try the generic one!

  3. Have you ever tried to oil cleansing method for your acne? I've read about alot of naturals using it and having great success. There is a post about the method on, in case you are interested in checking it out...

  4. I just found you it! Your seriously a hair idol for me. I have to try the pink ecostyler, I found the it at to be the cheapest with the most size options.

    Thanks again!

  5. Just found your blog and it is awesome. You have a beautiful head of hair. So as far as adult acne is concerned I've had my personal struggles. I just want to recommend Retin-A. It is a topical cream prescribed by dermatologists. And it is a miracle worker. My skin cleared up beautifully on that cream. Good luck.

  6. Just found you. You're awesome. Just wish I had found you 2 weeks ago. I'm newly natural and live in the DC area. I bought a large jar of EcoStyler - Olive Oil - on sale @ Sally's after my BC and after hearing so many good things about it on YouTube. TOO HARD! My hair felt hard and sharp (though, shiny) and I even received a comment that it looked like I had a curl...? Ok, so anyway, now I want to try the pink EcoStyler. Any tips or tricks? I'm still learning what to do and I need H-E-L-P.


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