Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Naturally Merry Gifts

Merry Christmas, Happy HanaQuansika! A few of my relatives and friends have either recently gone natural or are still struggling to learn how to style their loose natural hair. For instance, they still don't wear her hair out loose- set, wash and go, or otherwise. Add to the struggle limited braiding and twisting skills, and an old school opinion on protective and big hair styles, and you get frustration and the dreaded direct heat. I decided that for Christmas I would do my own analysis of a few heads of hair, and buy products based on what "I would try". I came up with some cute packs, with mostly sample sized products, and several tools that I can't imagine them living without. I hope I'm not creating product junkies, after my own image lol.

Using the "typing systems" I've got a 3b-c/S, a 4a/O and a 4a-b/IS that I made packs for.

My 3b-c/S is in her late 50s (I hope she is not reading this!) and has APL-BSL hair. I got her Knot Today, a large comb, Mixed chicks, Thick and Slick Custard, Giovanni silk conditioner, and some Cream of nature rosemary and lemongrass leave in. I wanted to get her some curl keeper, but could not find the stuff!

My 4a/O is getting some natural oasis grease, some Ampro clear ice, some kinky curly knot today and custard, large comb, some castille soap, and some Cholesterol conditioner. She is a young 22 or so, and just transitioned this year (yay!) Her hair is probably about 6-8 inches long.

The 4a-b/IS is an avid presser. I think her texture may be different that what displays now due to heat damage, but what can you do. She is also about 60 yrs old, so set in her ways somewhat. I got her several items from the Chi line, Giovanni conditioner, mixed chicks shampoo and conditioner, natural oasis grease, and some kinky curly because she wanted to try it. She may like the knot today but the custard may be a bust. Her hair is just about shoulder length pressed.

There are other things in there like those fancy hair towels and a few shower caps, some of those double prong bobby pins, grape-seed oil, and some ouch-less hairbands. I hope they all love the packs and get much more wear out of their hair with a new product or two. I'll have to be on standby to coach for technique!


  1. This is really a sweet idea. Luvs it! ;o)

  2. update* they loved the pacs! and could not wait to try the things they had not heard of. success!

  3. That is the most awesome and thoughtful gift I have heard of in a long time. Props to you(".")

    You seem to really understand the hair texture system. I am 40 yrs old with 4a/o hair. What products would you suggest for a wash n go.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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