Tuesday, December 1, 2009

STILL wearing my twists after the holiday

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I did! I flew home to CT and saw my maternal family. On the hair front- My brother's girl has gone natural and is finding her way, and my mom has been natural for years. I owe her a twist and roller set. I twisted my hair up a few weeks ago, and today marks the 20th day twisted. They are getting matted now and I need another wash, so I'll be taking them apart for a brief twist out tomorrow. I've washed them once already by sudsing up my scalp with a sulphur based clarifying shampoo and re-twisted the fuzziest ones in increments. But all in all- I have loved these twists! They are small and swingy. I have been going to bed with them up in a pony on top of my head, so they've stayed elongated. I can do styles with them and/or wear them out. I'll be redoing them soon this winter. However, I am hankering to wear my hair out for a week or two first. The last picts below, are me today.


  1. Quite lovely! You always have some of the best updos I've seen.

  2. Love what you're doing with them!


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