Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pictures! Before, during and after the hair cut.

So I've lived with my new cut for a week and I am so happy with the decision to cut the front into a bang, of sorts. The font of my hair points relentlessly forward and I can never see through it or keep it out of my face without setting the front straighter or frizzier as it dries(see pictures to right = my hair shape and front section before). So solution for lifestyle = get it cut. I got it cut on Dec 30th at Salon Revive on U st in DC. Once I washed it afterward, I saw a few straggling longer strands, and roughened curls, which I corrected myself with some professional sheers I have. Overall, however, my hairdresser Yodit, did an excellent job. There is so much to say about it but I'll try to sum it up:

I only waited for about 20 minutes, and I was 10 min early! Good service time!
She came and looked at my hair, which I had freshly shingled that morning with Eco styler gel, and was still damp inside. She seemed either impressed or appalled, evidenced by an initial "wow" that I could not decipher. I showed her pictures I brought in of when my hair was shorter over all, explaining how I would like to wear the shape in front.

I went off for a shampoo. Now this was a worrisome point. The shampoo girl was Caucasian with straight hair. She shampooed my hair thoroughly, but also thoroughly tangled it up into one large mass in the process. She applied a meager amount of conditioner afterward, then I think she tried to finger separate it. She applied more conditioner and then began with a paddle brush in attempt to detangle the top section. It hurt and she struggled. So I stopped her and told her to try a big comb. She showed me the brush but I was like- a comb would work better. At this point Yodit came over and intervened. She asked if the girl used a certain conditioner, the girl said "yes, but it's still napping up". (I wanted to laugh but didn't) Yodit took over, sectioned a bit more and began on the ends of the hair while holding on to the root. She showed me the brush again and said it's best for detangling (I disagree) . She also commented that my hair was actually quite long, to which I replied- YES- it shrinks up to 75%. She was able to get through the rest of my hair and then I was rinsed and sent for cutting. With no leave in. Just naked hair.

She trimmed my hair all over about .5 inch, and then went in on the front area, section by section. As she combed it out to cut it, my shrunken fro emerged! The proud beast! People in the salon were looking at me/it. It was great. I know they were like how the heck did she come in with a curly bob and end up like this... lol!

She went to mix some gel and some cream, which is the same thing I do, with different products. She used a Paul Mitchel pomade, a soupy white cream, and she mixed that with Aveda's liquidy gel (disliked both- rinsed out the next day). She went through section by section on the dry hair and applied it from root to end combing though with her fingers. After she was done she went back over it with the shears to trim out a few more wayward pieces. It seemed to thin a few areas out, and also render a straight style impossible. Which is fine with me. I did tell her that I hate heat, but heat never came up as anything she wanted to do.

She put a lil net over it to lay it down a bit while drying, and then sat me under a dryer for about 30 min. It was freezing outside so I was glad to have it dry a bit. She took off the net and fluffed. I paid and left- total time about 1.75 hours. One of the other stylists gave me a compliment as I left. And I got another compliment from an unknown man on the train platform. I was very happy :-) and I could SEE.

Here are the rest of the pictures!

Under the dryer:


  1. I like the bangs! They look good on you. The whole brush incident was interesting. The stylist did a great job over all

  2. Your stylist did a great job! Even though u said u hated the products used, the over look of the cut and the curl pattern achieved is gorgeous. ;o)

  3. I love it!!!!! I've been hearing a lot of good things about this salon on U street. Hmmmm I may have to go check it out. I haven't had my ends cut since I bc over a year ago. So I know I need a trim.

  4. Great blog and I think your hair looks beautiful! The shampoo girls comment "its napping up" LOL! Gotta love shampoo girls right?? Thanks for sharing and I'm adding your blog to my favorites!


  5. Thanks!! :-) I have a bunch more pictures of me playing with it to make diff styles. I can pull the back up now and wear a bang out in front. I'm loving it. I'll post them in the next day or so. Sometimes taking hair OFF can make all the difference. Sunshine- I saw your hair cut on your blog and it's fire! love it.

  6. Hey, your hair looks great! I happen to be from the D.C. area as well, though I'm in college now elsewhere. But I LOVE your results, however, when you got to actually describing your issues with the stylist and the shampoo girl you got me kind of fearful. hehehe.

    I'm still thinking of trying this place out when I go home for the summer, but would you say the person "Yodit" knew what she was doing? Or have you ever gone to any all natural salons in D.C. you would recommend? Sorry for all the questions, its just we have SUCH similar hair texture so I'm really curious.

  7. HI Ginger! thanks! I have been to a few "natural salons" I would not recommend. I have had far too much trouble finding stylists who understand that I wear my hair CURLY.

    So... yes- Yodit understood my hair, but it still surprised her and her associates (length and nappiness/shrinkage). I would suggest wearing it in curly like I did so that she can see what it CAN do, vrs what it so easily reverts to (fro) even though they will wash your hair again. She knew what to aim for as she was cutting, and she certainly erred on the side of caution. She also knew to mix a cream with a gel- which is exactly what I do. Plus HER hair is out and natural-looking. It's not like mine/yours, but a looser curl, yet I still felt like I was with a team mate- ya know? let me know if you go!

  8. I love it too! Thanks for posting. None of the black salons that I've been here to have encouraged anything except flat ironing my hair straight. I had my hair trimmed and styled at a salon that advertised "relaxers" even though none of the stylist were black. I felt more comfortable there and received a really nice cute. I shampoo, conditioned, and detangled my hair before I went so all I needed was trim and reshaping. My stylists had a girlfriend that was natural so she had some experience with trimming kinky hair lol and the others waiting to be styled asked a million questions- trying not to offend me, but I appreciated their candor. You've encouraged me to go for the shampoo and condition next time. Thanks for the pics and experience. It's very encouraging.


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