Friday, January 22, 2010

An Old Comfort Style, Twist on the Knot

Here I am during the latter half of the week. I used to do this style week after week when I lived in colder weather years ago. I'd make the knot in the middle, or slightly to the left or right, and at varying heights, with one or two twists in front and all my uncombed hair in a "knot" in back. I make the knot by beginning to make a ponytail, but on the last pull through, only pulling my hair half-way through the elastic. I usually slather uncombed, 3 day old wash and go hair with shea butter or Kemi she butter pomade. In front I use a small bristle brush, and some Kemi shea butter pomade, along with some Fructise Curl enhancing spray gel or Fiber gum putty. These "freeze" the brushed-slick hair and make it really shiny, buuuut don't work on my loose hair for any purpose. I do a huge flat twist on the smoothed hair, on one side or both sides (just one side below). At night, I remove the elastic and tie it down. Then in the morning, I recreate the knot and all I have to do is spritz and re-smooth the flat twist with my hands or the brush. Very lazy, but the bump in front makes it kinda sleek. I usually pull a few of the best formed curls out from the bottom corner of the puff for some texture, length and feminine aloofness :-*


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