Monday, October 26, 2009

Twist out updo- Picts!

So here was the twist out! It was a bit tight and a bit fuzzy because it was twisted while wet/damp and not much gel was used. I still got a defined hold though (thanks J!).

I decided to stretch it a bit. Here you see how I do it. I grab clumps by the ends, pull it taught, then blast the root and middle with my little hand held dryer (pictured). It's about 10 sec of heat, going in an up-down motion, per section (I counted).

So here it is a bit looser.

I at first tried an asymmetrical up-do to go with my shirt.

But I decided on a full updo instead. I was headed to a friend's big 30 and engagement bash. Ta da!


  1. WOW Your hair looks great! Cute blouse & I like your make-up.

  2. Your hair came out really good!!!!

  3. Thanks so much for posting this!!! Im really visual and needed to see it to understand how to stretch my hair. Can't wait to try this!! Your twists looks really lovely!!! Can't wait for this length too :D

  4. Yes I do like the up-do, very nice!


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