Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Curious Case for Long, Straight Hair

The reaction to my longer, less textured twists has been very interesting. My hair is kinda long, and hangs in this style. It's in the realm of familiarity to the main culture engine. I had a comment about how it's so much longer than it seems. I had comments saying its silky and pretty, and I even had a comment today about how much it is growing, followed by a demand to straighten it. I think that what's happening is a type of curiosity about the type of hair I have, and how it would look if I were to just conform. There is an external desire to see it in the context of the mainstream. It's as if I can't be judged as a 30 year old woman, in terms of good hair, skin and style, unless I have on the uniform of well-known culture. They want to know if it can be straight and look nice and to know how long it really is as "regular" straight hair.

I already know that if I were to press it I would get endless compliments from my regular peer group and that underlying much of the ado would be pressure to continue making it "normal" for them. However, that straightened style is now so very abnormal for me and my hair that I would be uncomfortable and burdened by it. The work, time, damage and preservation of the style would take over my life for a week or more. But that means nothing, and may not even make sense as a defense to the curious case for straightening it.

When I do press it, which I probably will again some day, it will be to satiate my own curiosity and need for change. I might want to feel and smell and touch the harbinger of nostalgia myself. The smooth wrapped hair, smelling of salon and grease. The feel of "groomed" hair on my back and the accepting gaze of strangers. But I'd snap out of it in a few days. I love my hair texture as it is. It amuses me, flatters me, and comforts me. So for now I made this picture :-) How long IS it straight? hmmm. bewilderment.

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  1. i like the way you write and not just your hair. i call myself a connoisseur of good, thought provoking writing. so it's a pleasant surprise for me! just thought i'd share. :-)


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