Friday, October 9, 2009

Good hair and my girls

Me and the girls are on our way to go see "Good Hair" tonight. I don't have many expectations in terms of enlightenment or even information. I was once on a vigilant quest for good hair as well, and have learned a lot in the years since. I can honestly say I have not worn much weave, however, aside from the synthetic hair in my braids at times, or the lonely Phony tail I wore for a wedding I was in. I DO expect that we'll laugh and crack jokes at other women's expense, unfortunately, for weeks to come (that already began last week :-/= I am mildly ashamed) . Most of us are chemical free or wearing our hair curly/kinky and not too tough into weave, and find ourselves competing for attention in this chocolate city. We all knew each other before we were chem free and have been there, and even put in the occational hair augmentation, for each other so we'll have tons of commentary I'm sure. It will be fun and we'll continue to build a platform of support for our unique journy as a group of girlfriends.

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