Friday, February 3, 2012 - Nisus

There will be no twist out!!


Twist out uber fail! wth! week old twists wilden out thus loosened!

Pulling them apart was like opening thread or yarn fibers!!!
Washed and conditioned. Wash and go today lol.


b. said...

I always wondered about people who say "twists/twistouts don't work for me" I totally get it.

CoilyRob said...

That looks exactly like my twist outs.

Nisus said...

I totally don't understand what I did wrong :-/

Anonymous said...

I thought this only happened to me. This is what happens when I use shea butter or reapply leave in during the week of a twist out. I can only use water and a but if oil. And even then I can get this. lol

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