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Eye brows are hair. Can we talk eyebrows?

You guys- I don't get my eyebrows done.  I have NEVER had my eyebrows done.

I will pluck a few hairs here and there, and have even lightened them a tad with bleach before when I had highlights, but I have never gone to town and really had them shaped. When I do pluck hairs, it's like 4 from each side.  and then I forget.  And I will go months without looking at my brows, or thinking about them. 

So for all the things I complain about, acne, scarring, sensitive skin... I am really lucky I got my dad's eyebrows.  They are kinda sparse and kinda arched and they mostly just chill out. Except for the fact that my skin is so light and my hair is so dark, they are pretty plain.

BUT every once in a while, when my hair is off my face, or I have a particularly unkempt looking style going on, combined with no make-up and some nice allergy bags under my eyes- I "see" my eyebrows enthusiastically jumping into the chaos and wonder if I'm doing myself a disservice.

You can look at virtually any picture I have posted in the past to see my brows, but hold up- I'm about to take a picture of an eye brow- lol. BRB.


So here is my right eyebrow. (and my freckles)

Is it horrible?  Look crazy? I don't know. I can't tell.  lol
These past few weeks though I keep looking at them like I need to clean those up, or something.  Alas I am afraid that if I really mess with em that they will plauge me with bumps or grow more, or expand and become a part of my life in a way I don't want them to.

Going natural never included my eyebrows.  But are they tagging along? 

Like- I am also not a girl who gets mani's and pedi's.  I have gotten a manicure on my natural nails once and I was like- what did I just pay you for?  Plus I am extremely ticklish.  And wait- so here are my nails today.  I just throw a coat of nude or clear on usually and keep it moving.  it usually just wears off or grows out and I put some more on.  I rarely even use nail polish remover.  Toes too, just clear.  Little pumicing for the heals and keep it moving.  They aren't ugly or gnarly but they aren't "done" either. 

I consider these things time consuming, even with what little I do, and I can't imagine spending money regularly on maintenance like this when I can do what I do for very close to free.  I'm getting away with it.

But I have always been a tomboy.  I didn't carry a purse until sometime in college.  I used to carry a man's wallet in my back pocket, and even had one with a chain lol.  Speaking of- even for purses- I carry one purse every day and get a new one maybe once-twice a year.  My purse now is a deep mulberry color- purplish-blue with a grey tone to it.  It goes with pretty much anything.  Last year I had a mustard one, and before that a muddy burgundy.  But now I'm rambling.

Sometimes I just wonder if I would be really doing something nice for my face if I got my brows groomed- come what may after the fact.  Today with my hair out but my hairline frizzy + no makeup nor earrings = my brows popping off my face like "TOM BOY".

Now that I had my acne pictures all up on here, I feel comfortable sharing with other naturals these beauty conundrums.  So tell me- what do you do for your eye brows and do mine look bad?  Will they grow back all crazy if I mess with em?  And I guess also- who cares but me? lol


Ms-gg said...

Leave them be in my opinion. I don't even get mine waxed often and the little time I did do it it permanently thinned mine out. I should of left well enough alone as my mother says...

Shones said...

I say let them be as well. The problem with all the waxing and tweezing and pulling is that you may end up with eyebrows that are much *thinner* than you want, which I think just makes women look older. I wish I had never had mine shaped. They would be so thick. As for your nails, they are beautiful as is! I almost never get manis, but pedis are a luxury I can afford (once a quarter or so).

Adalia said...

I think your brow looks fine. I do get mine threaded to clean them up since I can't stand to pluck. I do get my feet done from time to time but no manicures since I don't like how my hands look with polish.

KayDanai said...

Do not get them done.Nope. My sister and I both have naturally arched eyebrows and she decided to get her "touched up", and now they don't look the same even a couple years later. I don't touch my eyebrows, except maybe a few strays, but everybody asks me who does my eyebrows? My answer, as my Gma told me to tell people who asked me this question when I was 7 years old (now y people would think a 7 year old was waxing her eyebrows is beyond me) - "God".

But I do love getting a pedicure. The foot rub is sooo relaxing.

LaToya said...

Me neither. I will tweeze away rogue hairs, but for the most part, I leave them alone. And I'm sure I can count on one hand how many professional manis and pedis I've had.

To me, it's one of those things that are nice to get done, but definitely not a necessity.

Kandeezie said...

LOL. I carried a wallet up until 3 or 4 years ago. I'm getting better I think. I wear eyeshadow and mascara now.

b. said...

Your brows and your hands look fine.

One trick if you want to gather the strays is to use a white pencil (found in cosmetics aisle) and color the hairs you may want to pluck. That way you can see what you want to do before you ever pick up the tweezers.

Honestly, tho...I always thought you had yours done. Leave 'em be (IMO).

Olivia's Mommy said...

I think you're blessed to have naturaly FAB brows! You should leave them as-is IMO. I wish mine were as naturally pretty as yours are...thank goodness I've mastered the angle brush & dark brown matte shadow technique! :-)

sarah said...

leave them alone. i do get pedis, but never get manicures, but people still think i do anyway. and, it doesn't necessarily mean you are a tomboy... you just aren't that fussy. i'm by no means a tomboy, but i'm just not into nail polish or heels and the like.

KinkyKurlyQueen said...

I have my dad's brows too! Never had them waxed or shaped but I will pluck 2 or 3 from each side and I'm done lol! I used to wish for thicker brows tho :/

Nisus said...

Ok so the consensus is to leave them alone! I'm glad because the consequences sound rightfully scary.

nellboogie said...

Your brows are great naturally...let them be, they are beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, I agree with everyone: leave them. They look fine to me - besides, the thicker, the better in my opinion.

YES! This purse thing still gets on my nerves. Luckily, I'm in school so I carry a shoulder bag with me into work, but if I'm running into a store, all I do is pull out my wallet.

Hmmm, I think I want a man's wallet.

Anonymous said...

really nice brows....i'm so jealous...barely have any myself..have to do them every morning..kinda enjoy it though.. :)

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