Monday, February 8, 2010 - Nisus

Twist out variations

I have not been posting much lately but I HAVE been playing with my hair a lot. I'll cue up some of my styles and discoveries from the week.

Large twists. These took about 45 min to put in on wet hair. I promptly had to get ready to go out for a birthday party- so this was how I styled the wet twists. I used Naked Naturals Shea butter & Advocado Smoothing Conditioner as a leave in conditioner with Kemi Shea butter pomade on the ends.

A few days later I took them down to discover that the ends had not set well. I created a variety of updoos and curled my ends with flexi rods to get a week out of the set. I felt it was too frizzy, and my ends were not protected enough, to wear it completely out.


Roschelle said...

your hair is absolutely beautiful. I can only hope that mine will grow out and look as fabulous as yours.

I've been completely natural (well no chemicals) for about 7 months.

Nisus said...

Thanks Roschelle :-) You will be at a year very soon! It's so fun to watch how fast it grows without the chemicals.

M3RLz said...

Your hair FAB! I especially love the large twists! :0)

Nicole said...

Love your hair. Your twists are super pretty You have to tell me... Where on earth did you find kemi oyl shea butter pomade?!?! I have not seen that stuff in years. I miss it...

Anonymous said...

hi,i'm french and i found your pictures simply gorgeous, and i really mean it;as other posts already claim it, your hair is beautiful, in french i would say you are just "sublime"!!!

have a nice day

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