Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hope you all had a spectacular Halloween weekend! I sure did :-D
I went to a notorious house party on Sat night, hung with my home girls Friday night and this morning at work we had a lil company party.

Also this weekend- we had snow. Here in the DMV it came down fast and furious for a little while, but it didn't stick to the driving surfaces and it melted off the trees and grass by evening. In the North however, this storm dropped over 6" of heavy wet snow and knocked out power to most everyone I know back home in CT, and snapped countless trees. The picts I saw of my childhood yard show destruction there unlike any storm I've seen in my life. I really hope power is restored quickly and no one faces any ill health effects from the lack of heat or power :-(

Picture is of my yard in CT. Very scary for real.

Well, I was "Jane" from Tarzan for the party on Sat night. And for work I was "Cleopatra." Both costume attempts were extremely half baked and not very convincing lol. I didn't spend any money nor go out of my way this year to "be anybody" but interesting for this blog is that I whipped out my phony-tail from a wedding I was in years ago to have a straight ponytail and look different today. Yes. WEAVE. lol. I posted it on FB and the reactions are typical - mostly everyone LOVES it. SMH. I can't wait for tomorrow. I plan to wear my fro out in all it's glory. Bwahahaaa. Change!

This is from Sunday when I got my hair ready for the ponytail.  Had to slick my hair the heck back! Then slept on it to get it set.

And me at work this morning.

Head piece I got from Nicey's a few months ago. 

I didn't take any pictures on Sat night- waaaay to much was going on.  But thus far I saw this one floating around on the net so I grabbed it. *EDITED* I also got a few more from my friend Jemima (pictured with me below) :-)

Be safe tonight everyone!!

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