Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Product review: NEW! Royal Curl™ Curl Shaping Crème

You all know I give all these products a fair shot right?

So I got this about 1.5 months ago from a local store - Yes Organics I think it was.  And OH, it sounded so lovely! 

In a hive, there’s only one queen whose diet is only Royal Jelly, a nutrient packed super-food with 17 amino acids, vitamins A, C, D, K and multiple B-vitamins. We use the Queen Bee’s Royal Jelly in Curl Shaping Créme to naturally tame frizz, define curls and smooth waves with silky hold. Pure Aloe Vera Gel and Agave Nectar quench your hair’s thirst without the grease, while powerful Green Tea antioxidants and intense moisturizers defend against damaging heat and humidity.

All natural: No harsh, or drying chemicals like alcohol, sulfates, petrolatum, parabens or phthalates.

Transforms Kinks To Defined Curls and Soft Waves

I tried it right away on a wash and go- following the directions, forsaking all other products and using my fingers to distribute it.  That was not good.  It dried frizzy and a bit crunchy, lacked sheen, and was clearly not going to yield me day 2 hair.  I also felt there was a slight residue by the time it dried- making it look a bit dull all over.  FAIL.

But I was not ready to give up.  The ingredients seemed so good!  and maybe it just needed some oil?

Just this weekend I tried it again.  This time I took the cream and some oil in the tub with me and applied it liberally to wet hair with oil added to help with dryness and residue, I hoped.  It is very thin and does not have inherent slip.  So though it was not clumping I was still like- "well maybe I will get a more shrunken and piecy wash and go."  That's not always bad- my lil curlies are dope.  I finished applying it and it looked quite alright soaking wet.  I sat under a hair dryer for an hour, since I was just home chilling on a weekend evening, and let it just dry without touching it.  Even still- I had a shrunken shiny wash and go.  No ringlets and a bit frizzy but it seemed like the helixy shape of the "inner hair" was intact and I would have a few days of nice textured hair.  I did multiple bantu pineapple knots and went to bed.

The next morning.....  FLAKES.  Flakes galore!  they spawned over night and were everywhere!!  root to tip.  what sucked worse- it was like flakes on top of sheeny zig zaggy hair that would have otherwise been fabulous, if not a bit velcro like. I did some yard work but eventually knew I had to wash it out and start all over.  sigh.

So my conclusion is, you can't use much of this product before you get flakes, yet if you don't use a lot you will NOT get definition on anything crookeder than curly hair.  My hair is spongy and fluffy, but it will coil and curl with the right product.  THIS is not it.  This is totally false and misleading: "Transforms Kinks To Defined Curls and Soft Waves."

I am not amused.

I still have half a jug left- it comes in a large 15 oz jar, like kinky curly. Maybe I will try it on a twist or braid out this winter, but I have a stronger suspicion that this jar will collect dust unless someone wants it! Who has time for potential fails on cold weather hair?

I didn't take picts because I never even got to a styled head of hair with this mess. By the time I finished my yard work and really began pulling my hair apart I had already turned on the water in the shower lol.

(oh hell- I just noticed the pic of the girls' hair on their website! What kinks??? smh.) 
ZERO out of 5!


  1. I agree, the whole line was a bust. it was so bad I didnt even do a review after trying them. The only saving grace I had was the shampoo . It wasnt that drying but it sure wasnt anything to call home about either

  2. Thanks for the heads-up. I saw it in Whole Foods today and I "kept it moving,"lol!

  3. I will admit that it does leave flakes, but that is because of to much product usage. I did put this on my hair and it did flake on the areas where I used to much, and the other ares where I didn't no flakes. But it did give my curls more definition, and left my hair nice and soft. So I will still use it, whether I'm doing my puff style or 2 strand twists.

  4. I tried this product on my daughter's hair and we really liked it; her hair had a nice shine. I was expecting more curl; however, there was a nice wave. We have had no flakes and that may be due to the fact that we put moroccanoil in her hair right after washing, then we leave in the royal curl moisture rich conditioner before we put the curl shaping cream in. My daughters hair soaks up water so we have to spritz more water by the time we put the curl creme in. I hope this helps.


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