Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Haul!

Holy Hurricane!

My mom is here visiting and lo and behold, punctuating her visit is a huge hurricane.  I hate Irene.

So before we had to shutter ourselves in for the day we went food shopping and as usual, that turned into product and goodies shopping.  :-)

We are lucky to be in close proximity to Glut Co-op and Nicey's Boutique. Both are in Mt. Rainier, Md (between Hyattsville and DC).  Both offer the opportunity to score great textile & food, goods & products.  And we spent over an hour shopping lol.  Here is out collective haul:

From Glut, aside from lots of yummy food and dry goods, we got Nature's Blessing Hair Pomade, Zuresh foaming full body cleanser (long time favorite of both of ours) Grapeseed oil, and Dr. Bronner - Castile Soap.  From Nisey's we got 2 beautiful, stretchy scarves, two large winter type hats, A beautiful royal blue Tam, some see-through socks (lol) some of those necklaces you can double and bend up to your hearts content, a copper bracelet for my ailing wrist, some sparkling headbands (for $1 each!!! on sale), some lip gloss sticks, and some aromatic oils for those oil burners. AND she was having a 40% off sale so we got everything for almost half off marked prices!  She even carries Kinky Curly products, mixed chicks, and several other brands of products, soaps and incense. Plus clothes and hats- and I almost forgot- the "Good Hair" tote in the background!  I love it and can't wait to do my general shopping with it.  I may leave it in my car so that I always have it.

We also went to Yes Organics grocery store in DC after our lunch at Eatonville (yum!) and got some Braggs Apple cider vinegar, and Aztec Secret - Indian Healing Bentonite Clay for facials we did last night. I also got another bottle of my KMF gel and decided to try their conditioner. We're all stocked up on yummy foods and watching the rain come down.  But after this blows through, I encourage all my readers in DC to take trip the Glut and Nicey's next door to do some fun and wholesome shopping, while supporting a natural black entrepreneur and a non-profit that feeds back (literally) into their community.

(extra points for anyone who can play I Spy in the photo above and see what other MD food we have been partaking in lol) 


  1. i recognize a container of old bay anywhere, lol...

    i pass by glut all the time, but have yet to go in. and i'd never even seen nicey's boutique. i will have to visit both soon!

  2. Oh come on (DC Native here; Brookland stand up)...CRABS!

  3. ding ding!! lol- got a dozen MD crabs and went to town on them! introduced her to dipping in vinegar instead of butter. nom nom


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