Tuesday, August 16, 2011

100% cosign on a $20 bottle of lotion!

So I saw this post a while ago on K is for Kinky and I was like humph.  Amlactin Lotion.  I sho do need something for the back of my legs and the scars that refuse to fade (all over!)  I have VERY sensitive skin so scrubs and acne medicine just make things worse.

I have tried other skin smoothing lotions and besides smelling funny, I have gone trough entire bottles and noticed nothing different.  

I was at walgreens walking around aimlessly shopping and I saw that they carried it.  The small bottle was $14 and I was in a super crappy mood so I was like I'm gonna buy it- I don't care! *reckless spending face at register*

That was early last week.  By this past weekend, like Kurly Bella, I am blown away!!

My feet are smooth, the bumps on the back of my legs are mere dark spots now, and I can even tell the difference in my hands from simply using my hands to apply the product everywhere else.  I mean- I can't say it much better than she did- but I 100% co-sign!!  Get this stuff!


  1. Were you the one that told me about this, or did I tell you? Lol. Anyway, I too was wandering...errr shopping in Walgreen's saw the infamous lotion. The only thing that stopped me from buying it was the ingredients - parabens! No bueno. :( So now I'm on the hunt for something similar that's paraben free. If anyone out there has suggestions, HOLLA!

  2. I saw that (re parabens) in the comments on the original post- and yeah we did discuss this lol. I knew it when I saw it on the shelf right away. I was totally in a reckless mood- still kinda am- so I'm slathering with abandon lol

    But for real- I am shocked at the quick results.

  3. i'm glad you liked it. it does have parabens but sincei try to avoid them in other products i make an exception for this lotion because it's so worth it and it works FAST!

    make sure you put it on your bootay too. it will be soft like a cloud! :)



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