Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Hey out there!

Nuri and I are over on Twitter and FB on a whim asking if you have things you would like us to blog about. I figured I'd open up the floor here too!

So far I have been asked about:

  • Pressing, do we do it and how do we get our hair to look full if/when we do.
  • If we still use KMF gel
  • My regime and products
  • and how long I wear my hair in twistouts before washing.
  • More product reviews (oh have I got product reviews lol!) 
More! More!  more! What else?  Pictures? Products? I will answer all of these, and I also have some videos I'm working on, and....  I also have a lot more free time coming up lol (more on that later).

Also- you may not know Nuri as well- any questions for her? 

1 comment:

  1. Twitter questions in from:

    @Humphreysworld >pics and products! with instructions on how to do the styles on a variety of lengths. i'm thinking selfishly here, lol

    yes..products please

    Thanks ladies- we will answer and post!


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