Thursday, September 8, 2011

bang bang bang

You all know how I am about wearing my curly bang, like, almost all the time :-D

Most of this summer I have been wash and going, or shingle and going, and wearing my hair for 3 or 4 days before co-washing and starting over. Nothing spectacular. I am experimenting with beeswax as a sealant, and I am working on some product reviews that I have tried on my wash and goes. Have to give it a few tries before I can speak on it lol.

Anyway- I have trimmed my hair again about .5 inches and cut the bang a bit shorter.  My goal is just to kept my shag shape as exaggerated as I can as the back grows out. My only caveat is that it all still has to fit into one ponytail. But meanwhile I am loving my bang, especially now that it's shorter. So much so that I wore just the bang and a "bun" yesterday. I co-washed and left in some Kiss My Face Organic Miss Treated Conditioner for Damaged Hair (♥♥♥♥♥- reviewing soon)and put some aloe vera gel and castor oil over that.  That's it.  (the beeswax from daaaaays ago is definitely a player here- more on that when I can assess the risks more thoroughly)



  1. Oooh I love the bang! I did something similar where I pinned up the twists in the back and unraveled the twists in the front :-).

  2. I always use beeswax as a sealant, my hair just LOVES it, even though many naturals will tell you not to use it. I leave some conditioner in (with a little coconut oil) and seal with the beeswax. My hair just looks frizzy without it and more defined with it!

    LUV your hair...I say keep using the beeswax!


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