Sunday, September 11, 2011

Little Circle Coils

I love it when my hair coils! Sometimes my hair forms little circle shaped coils on the ends after I have had it shingled and stretched for a few days.  I also notice that the Kiss My Face Gel seems to encourage this behavior more so than the other staple gels I like (eco styler and Fantasia). KMF is fast solidifying its place as the front runner.

Personally, I really love the way the little coils look.  I'm not sure if other people "get" it but I feel like it's really pretty lol.  I try to wear it out and show them off when I get the little circles.  Here are some pictures of them- they are pretty easy to see in the picts.  perfect little circles at the ends of most of my hair:

So me and my little circles were going out to a birthday party last night.  And here is the easter egg in this post for my regular readers- Goku is gone.  So aside from having more free time, when I go out I put on make up and stuff now lol.  Sooo here I was for the night.  I had a red stain lip and a red flowy shirt with a short and tight black&white striped skirt. I stretched my hair out a bit more with my small blow dryer and wore it big and proud :-)

Had such a great night I didn't get any more pictures lol


  1. You are so pretty and I swear you rock natural hair like no other! Does the KMF gel make your hair hard and crunchy when doing wash n go's or twist outs???? Eco does for me so I'm trying Fantasia.

  2. Ok, I just saw that you said when paired with castor oil it works great so maybe I'll do that with the Fantasia. If it doesn't work I'll return it. I'm just being lazy...

  3. So that is uber cute. I've been getting results similar with flax seed oil gel, very nice

  4. I COMPLETELY get it!! My hair does the same thing and its just something about it that makes it look SO pretty.

    Beautiful hair!!!

  5. I'm 4 months into transitioning and I love to run my fingers over my curly roots. Can't wait til I'm 100% natural. Ur pics are very inspiring.

  6. do you a vid on how you use KMF ...?


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