Monday, August 3, 2009

The Many and Varied Natural Hair Styles of Nia

Created with flickr slideshow.

Here you will see me go through my journey, beginning with relaxed hair in 1997, and then natural hair from 2001 - 2005. I ruined my hair by pressing it in late 2005, as you see in the images after the second straight hair batch. I BC (Big Chopped- Cut it all off) again in April of 2006, after growing the damage out for a few months. My new, well-cared-for and unprecedented growth is documented once more!


  1. Nia - wow - this is some well needed inspiration. I just did the big chop a week ago. It's my second go around but I've found great communities online & a lot of people willing to share information on natural hair care so I think it'll stick. I'm going to document my transition in photos like you did here. I hate that I don't have many pics of my original BC.

    ~ Sandy

  2. Wow, I LOVE your hair, it's gorgeous at all lengths.

  3. Sandy- Best of luck! and congrats!
    KCurly- Thanks so much! I miss the shorter lengths often. lol

  4. I'm inspired! Ur hair is beautiful!
    I'd like to know Where do you get ur hair cut!?! I just went natural after 6 years of a perm and i let this woman just cut it off and i just moved to Northern Virginia and i dont know who i can trust to give me a good shape.. Please let me know

  5. Oh my goodness...its like my hair is on top of your head!! lol! I've only been natural for 7 months. Any advice? My hair is super dry in the morning...How do you keep up your style over night? Thanks! Nita

  6. You are a great inspiration and love your product suggestions for healthy hair, that is the key when going natural, condition, condition, condition. Thanks


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