Friday, August 7, 2009

Retroactively Upset

I keep having these hypocritical moments in thought. When I heard that Naomi Sims died I was saddened, particularly because she was taken by breast cancer. (Breast cancer terrifies me!) I read all about her appearances on the covers of many magazines beginning in the 60's, breaking ground for black beauties everywhere. But, hearing her name, I remembered her more for her wigs and I have a negative reaction to the general hair care industry. I had to read several articles to find out about her accomplishments, beyond her entrepreneurship. I should have known these things.

I blame it on a mental block concerning all things appearance altering. When I hear "weave" or "wig" or "surgery" or" acrylic" or "false"- my reaction is "Oh" and I kinda zone out. What I have to remember when it comes to entrepreneurship and empowering one's self is that if these services and products are provided by black and female entrepreneurs, they should be supported and commended. As a business move, hair care products and cosmetics are indeed in high demand by black women. It's a huge industry that someone will capitalize on. We "need" this stuff. I have "needed" this stuff at a time in my life. I have had a wig, a phony tail, braid extensions, etc. But I don't remember who made them or sold them to me. I was not conscious of such things at the time. I just needed the stuff.

And an even larger issue, is cancer, and hair loss- illness. I actually had a nightmare last night that I was losing my hair. I was detangling my hair and huge coiled locks were coming out and filling my little trash bin. It's an awful thought to a person like me who really enjoys my hair. I'm not sure how long Naomi was battling cancer, but I'm sure her wigs empowered her and many other women battling illness to put their best face forward and remain confident.

So Naomi is still reaching out. I had an eye opening moment, and will have a different perception from now on when I hear those "fake" buzzwords. There are implications behind everything.

Now - I just wish I could find a Black hairdresser/salon in the DC area, who not only does natural hair into twists and locks- but can cut and trim CURLY hair with the right shape and angle, to promote growth.

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