Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bald head?

I was leaving a CVS near my job when I overheard two of the young employees discussing a woman who had just left. I never saw the women, but the convo sounded something like this:

"but she was pretty" the girl was saying.
The guy said "No, she was bald, I can't do bald headed women. ur just saying that cause I don't like it."
"I was thinking she was pretty before you even said anything! What about Amber rose? Shes a model!"
He said "but she got money- to make herself look good without hair. A regular chick can't do that. Then she just bald"
*laughter from other male employees*

I was like wow. I had just read a blog post about transitioning and going to short hair, which is often an issue I contemplate when giving transitioners advice. It's hard imagining not having any hair, for a few months, or maybe longer depending on how one chooses to wear it. Granted, most of the time the big chop does not = completely bald, but it is still a shock. Will you like it, will guys like it, will your mama like it? Is it worth it? I still say YES, but I hear conversations like this and can't help but to sympathise with the women who imagine this conversation when deciding to wear wigs, or braids or weaves, or just never go for the gusto and BC.

So I went home trying to think of some other "bald headed" women who are rocking it, and exemplify the freedom that short hair brings. I immediately thought of Zhane, Alek Wek , and Grace Jones. My boyfriend thew in Noemie Lenior. Then I got stuck. I did searches... I was stumped. I see lovely ladies on the street rocking the close crop all the time, but how do I share their confidence with a transitioner? Advice?


  1. Check out this post- http://naturallyobsessed.onsugar.com/3563431 By kinkykurlyqueen

  2. Here is a GREAT site: http://gorgeousblackwomen.wordpress.com/category/bald-beauty/

    You can count India Arie http://www.kinnks.com/blog/index.php/site/comments/india_arie_and_john_legend/

    Advise: Try it, if you don't like it put on a wig :) The confidence will find its way! Besides, if you don't think you're the shit, who will?

  3. I am the way bald headed, and love it alot. An if a guy don't like that just make him shallow as hell. Women are beautiful creature hair or no hair. It depends on the women attitude and how see herself. I consider myself to be beautiful as hell without hair, and I am not even rich or famous like Amber Rose, point taken she is so beautiful without hair. An a Great role model for women. You do have to wear wigs, weaves and extentions. To be beautful. BALD IS BEAUTIFUL

  4. i know thats right im bald and i love it and i liik damn good with it too, so tell your boyfriends who have a problem with it to go to hell and come back bald lolol

  5. See:


  6. The power of a women is not in her hair, but in her soul.....

    Wearing my hair practiculary bald allows me to express myself as an individual,in control of her physical, mental and spiritual gifts. It gives me the opportunity to embrace the male/female aspect of my being....

    Over the years I have noticed that my short hair helps me to weed out weak males who are superficial and looking for that, "Cliche women"... you know the one who looks like the Barbie Doll, cookie cutter version of a males' ideal women. Boobs, butt, hair ect.

    Also, wearing my hair close cropped helps me to not buy into the billion dollar hair industry, which is fueld by males for the visual as well as financial profit it reaps for males, based wholly on women hair, nails, make-up, clothing, etc..

    And last but not least, the idea of focusing on a part of my body that isn't helping my soul advance is simply assine.

    I feel powerful, attractive formidable and most of all, absolutely beaufitul with my strength apparent from my head to my toes.

    It is so liberating and the sense of ownership I have over my style of hair is more than empowering, it is the ultimate control of how I perceive the world and how the world perceives me.....

    I am light years ahead of most people and I know that in about 5 - 10 years the vast majority of self-confident women will not let misogynistic males determine their look, behaviour or style of so-called fashion.

    Women, you create, nurute, guide, love and instruct the course of humanity; don't give your power away!

    You let your children, your male offspring, who grow up to be adult boys with toys, dictate your physical appearance....Why?

    Intellignent women know that little boys are chastised not to play with dolls but as grown boys they crave the Barbie doll they were forbidden to play with.. and as such, try to create out of real women the doll of taboo they were never able to play with as young boys.

    Women, we are not dolls, we are lving, breathing, feeling creators.....

    Have you been so programmed to obey the negative conditioning? that you cannot see the stupidity of playing the hair game, race game, religious game, and biggest one of all....the game of life, where you do not even change the rules..

    The hair rules were here b4 I was, and so, most do not apply to me! I make my own rules as I go along, and the hair rule just isn't on my list.
    If I were a weak women, then I would get on the hair band-wagon, but I am not and will not give my strength away for the illsuion of beauty.


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