Monday, July 27, 2009

Barbados! and now I'm back.

So here was how my hair came out for my week long vacation in Barbados:

Not bad! And it lasted the whole trip with only the expected fuzziness and one braid re-done a bit looser.

Overall, I didn't take away any general hair, or even style impressions of the island. I saw a ton of relaxed hair, lots of braids, and some naturals. The ratio seemed about even to the DC area to me. The beauty supply stores looked the same, and carried most of the same products. The water didn't seem particularly hard, except for the salt water from swimming in the ocean. Over all I was thrilled that I did not have to comb my hair at all. But I must say- the true star of the trip was a solid conditioner I Bought from "Lush" called "Jungle".  I would wash my hair and then just put that in thickly and leave it in, particularly on the ends. My ends stayed soft and curly, and it smells great. It even worked on my boyfriend's looser curly hair- making it curl and shine. I got through security no problem with a huge chunk of it I bought for $11 in Georgetown. The solid shampoo was decent, but for the price I could have just stuck to the Dudu Osun black soap I always use and enjoyed its added benefits for the scalp.  When I got home, and finally took all the braids out, I washed with the solid shampoo (also smells great), and used a decent amount of Jungle as a leave in conditioner, and I was still impressed. It doesn't provide the hold of a gel, which was no shock, but it does support my curl structure and give a shine, with a glorious scent. So I definitely have a new travel buddy, and maybe more when I have the money!


  1. Upon further use- I HATE the shampoo Bar. It has a strong and lingering "after smell" that I can't get out of my senses. I threw it away. Even having it in my bathroom made me feel sick!

  2. i bought jungle also never got around to using it maybe ill give it another try on my \whole head this time still have tons of it the smell is kind of strong though

  3. Barbados has changed alot since 2009 >.>..well girls and their hair have. Alot more naturals esp. loc'd girls. The hair stores however, piss me off xD


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