Thursday, July 9, 2009

Shrinkage is a Beast with a Pretty Face

Natural Hair Length Shrinkage. Gotta love it! Cause if you hate it, you are doomed...

This is what happened when I tried using the curly primer method- leaving the conditioner in, and not much else. ( I could not resist adding a little shea butter to the ends). Welllll... My hair loved it. It was so soft and fluffy- and appreciated the light hold so much that it just curled ALL the way up. Tight, small, fuzzy coils, that were impossible to smooth one by one in any less than half a night. I gave up on the smoothing and ended up mostly running my fingers through. It did not take super long to dry like I thought it would, but the shrinkage factor was not something I'd seen since many an old product junkie day. I need my gel or custard for elongation!


  1. Wow! The shrinkage is crazy! Beautiful hair though!

  2. I don't believe lol

  3. Ok, I know this is an ooollllldddd post, but I am glad I read it. Her book ("Curly Like Me") is my BIBLE (the only book I've ever highlighted), but I always felt I was doing something wrong because I NEED my gel (& conditioner) for my hair to look the way I like it to look. Glad to see it isn't just me. (Thanks for your blog, btw.)


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