Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Gift Ideas

Happy Holidays!  Hope everyone had a fantastic Turkey day.
I spent my first one with the BF's family and had a nice time, but I missed my family a lot.

I personally don't include Black Friday or cyber weekend antics as a concious part of my Thanksgiving holiday, but once I get into that first week in December I start figuring out my gift giving plan.

I have Amazon Prime, and an Amazon Store that others can shop in :)
That makes it super easy to either get the things I want locally or ship them straight to my family.

But what do I buy?  I like to put packages together- hair kits, cooking packets, food bundles.

This keeps costs down, is practical and useful for the recipient and I think it's more thoughtful than just buying typical "things" that fill shelves or function only for the season.
  • A hair kit can have products and tools for general hair care.  In my store you can buy pure silk pillowcases for $25, products and a few tools like the wet to straight flat iron or the plastic hair ties. Bundle them all up, with a XL shower cap, some bobby pins… Can't go wrong.  Who doesn't need that stuff, all the time. lol. 
  • A food kit can have the items needed to try a low carb or gluten free diet.  It can have a new spice palate, or even fresh dried herbs.  I have a garden and can pull in rosemary and parsley all winter. I like to anchor it with a nice non-stick pan, insulated lunch bag, shopping tote, thermos... etc. 
  • DIY food and goods are always fun to make and give.  Think outside of the fruitcake though lol.  I have a dehydrator for instance, so I can make dried fruit tins, or herb packets.  Hot peppers and dried, seasoned tomatoes work well too.  Other things that are easy to make include candles, pot holders, seasoned/infused oils, vinegars and honey, and bake (or pasta) kits that include all the dry ingredients, and of coarse, cookies and breads. 
I hope those were helpful!  I also shopped Small Business Saturday (at Glut and Nicey's boutique), and definitely recommend supporting small and black owned business over typical commercial goods.

Here are two online shops I love:

What do you ladies and gents do to tackle your holiday gift giving lists?  I don't have many children in my life so that makes things a bit easy for me I'm sure :)

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