Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My day at Hair Rules Salon in NYC!

 As part of my new job I travel to NY and a few other places to help put on conferences.  I manage registrations and such.  A few days of hard work with a little downtime depending on how I book my tickets.  This past trip in October I had 4 hours to kill on the last day before heading home to DC.

I decided to just walk around at first.  I put my bag in the holding room and began to roam.  I even kind of knew where I was in Manhattan because it was close to where we set up last time.  I then got this pang of selfish-spend-money-I-earned-itness and decided to buy something.  I walked into a huge Zara and the clothes were blah. everything was blah. I walked back out thinking about a blog post I'd seen recently where a girl went to see Dicky at Hair rules and he showed her how to do a wash & go his way.  I thought about going to a Deva salon...  or hell... how far away was Hair Rules?  My phone said 15 blocks.  Adventure time.

I simply walked there to see what would happen.

If you don't know about Dickey and his knowledge and ability to convert curl disbelievers into believers then please, please Google him. If, like me though, you've been natural for a while and have a pronounced natural curl pattern, you probably have a routine similar to his, but using your own products.  I'm def the latter. I can create a variety of wash and go looks by varying the products, method or application or way of allowing it to dry.  I had never used Hair Rules products before though, and I had not been to an actual salon in.... well over a year! Sheesh.  So I literally just wanted to pamper myself and do  little test of the products.  I figured maybe I'd even meet Dickey and he could give me some advice or tips for my hair type.

I walked and walked. Found the place. walked up. and BAM.  Dickey was at the front desk. lol.  It was a nice clean shop with a big window and lots of chairs. and he greated me, as did the receptionist and after a cup of water and some back story on why I was there we decided to have Dickey himself give me a teaching lesson. I think they called it a curly lesson.  Basically a wash and then "set" of the natural pattern using the Hair rules line.

I loved the experience but not the products, so I won't go into too much detail.  You guys know I am a gel girl and the Hair rules line doesn't have anything to give me the hold I'd need to get more than 3 days out of it.  My hair FELT fabulous. and looked great on day 1. but by day 2 I could tell I'd need to detangle in another day, as the frizz had set in. The girl who washed and conditioned and then detangled my hair (all thoroughly and gently) professed that she used an entire bottle of conditioner on my head.  I exclaimed WOW and she said yeah it happens, no biggie... But my wow came more from my knowledge that those products aren't cheap! lol

Anyways, not for me and my routine and hair length.  But if you like your hair to feel nice and have the time to re-cowash every 3 days or so then try out the line!  I also can't speak on the color, presses, or cuts there but they were quick and everyone who left looked great.

Here are some picts :-) He totally could be related to me. a lot.

 on the train home lol.  I was smelling myself.  New product always smells great!
 The next day :)


  1. The style looked pretty on both days. Was it a rake and smooth method to apply the products?

  2. @mimi Thanks! yeah- a very light rake and smooth. definitely not a full "shingle"

  3. It looks really nice though, but using a bottle in a sitting is too much. You can do it yourself with your gel and Curly Girl Method though. I like the fullness of it, it looks fluffy.

  4. your hair looks fab, on both days. did you pineapple at night?

  5. Thanks @Iamsonotmyhair :) it felt nice and soft too.
    @kenda Thank you! I do pineapple, either just upside down with a scarf or in a high ponytail. I think I did the ponytail for this to try and keep it stretched. It just got tangled really fast :-/


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