Monday, November 18, 2013

Back from vacation in Mexico!

I finally made it down to Cancun! The place of spring break lore and girl trip infamy. It was just me and my guy however, and we had a great time! 

The trip came close on the heals of a crazy Halloween party we had at the house a week earlier, so it was literally 2 days before takeoff when I realized I hadn't yet considered what to do with my hair!  I frantically called my home girl Jemima who gave me a few great ideas, one of which I half implemented. LOL I got lazy and tired halfway through.  The idea was to cornrow the sides and single braid a bunch of the front, then create some sort of twisted updo in back. I got through the cornrows and the first row of braids, but then all the rest became twists.  The back just became 8 big twists lol.  It still worked out because i didn't have to worry about a messy hairline or using elastics or anything to keep my hair out of my face, and I was still able to create a small variety of styles.  I had even decided to leave the back kind of free so I cuold do the whole sexy "getting out of the water" thing ;-* heheh.

But anyway- here was the front before leaving and a few days after. The individual twists and braids in front are just pined into a hump or swept to the side.

Inevitably I ended up in the pool and sweating and just wholly ignoring my hair for a few days but it held up! We actually went to the local Walmart on the bus one day. (hey you have to go to Walmart to see what's up for real, for real). I bought a big bottle of random conditioner and used that to co-wash the chlorine out.  Then I used shea butter and my Wetline gel - which is Mexican coincidentally, and they had a purple "lady" one there - and shingled/wash & go(ed?) the back of my hair for the next few days.
and here a few more of the trip over all: 
ok, fine- here's the boo too :)

and what was I for Halloween this year? A frog. lol


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