Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's MY birthday!! but Happy Valentines day too :-)

I don't know yet what I'll do or if I'll be officially celebrating (given this holiday curse/blessing), but I'll let you all know what I did with myself and my weekend.  And in the meantime here are some things I've pondered as a single birthday gal on this fine day.
  • You only get one time here.  Celebrate all the holidays, anyways and despite! Despite being single, being broke, not being where u want to be, or despite getting some things wrong.  You are still only here once and you have to mix some good into the so-so. If not, it's all going to pass and be gone anyway. 
  • Read this article from Happy Black Woman and soak it in.
  • Be your own valentine.  Do your hair or get it done. Do Your nails or have them done.  Wear your favorite dress or outfit or lingerie, or that expensive Mac face situation, or your false lashes. Wear heals, drive to work and park like a boss.  Heck, don't go to work. lol
  • Take pictures of yourself (your SELF as in FACE and Hair please, not just your BBB - big booty & boobs!).  Perfect the selfie pic and post it, on FB, on Instagram, on Twitter. Hashtag it #naturalhair, submit it to a blog or to #mycurlsbad on instagram.  Soak in the feedback from other women.  Look at them in a month or two. Send them to your mom.
  • Experiment with a change.  Rock a faux bang or bob using a roll and tuck. Add some temporary highlights to your hair. Go have a makeup counter give you a different color palate than you usually use- have them play up your best feature. Have a friend or even your mom or aunt pick you out an outfit to try on next time you go shopping, and try it on no matter what it is lol.
  • Buy a new shower curtain or sheet set and hang it or wash & use it Today! 
  • Learn how to make your favorite restaurant dish.  The Google is your friend. Now you can have it whenever you want for much less. Work at it and get it right! 
You get my point.  Don't save these things for later. Now is the later from yesterday.


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  1. "Now is the later from yesterday."


    Happy V-Day!


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