Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Buff with a twist, possible protective style

I have been a wash and going fiend, even throughout the winter.  My dingle coil method works so well I just can't stop!

The trade off is that I may need to trim a bit more than is optimal for growing my hair out.  I am on the fence whether I really want to let it grow crazy, or keep it at a controllable bra-strap length.  I don't even really know that the fairy knots won't win out, as my hair is very fine and splitty and knotty as it gets older.

But meanwhile, I know the wash and goes need to be bunned or twisted as they get a few days old.  I have been defaulting to a half back look or something like in the picts below. The good old BUFF, with a twist or two in front.  The twist is necessitated by the fact I was even letting my bang grow out (alas, I trimmed it this past weekend in a fit of blindness).

It's a quick style I can leave in for a few days, getting me 7-8 days between washes.

Its just a big flat twist on both sides.  By placing the twist a little further back, the sections that create it are visible and create extra detail as you see below. 

So onto product real quick.  I decided to try out the Nubian Heritage Repair and extend Shine Gel.  You may notice that bit of extra shine in the pictures.  That stuff is shiny indeed.  But its very much like the Shea Moisture Souffle.  It's Sugar based, sticky and greasy and I feel like although there is potential, I can't quite figure out how to use it. The shine is excellent, the hold is medium, but it is moisturizing. Has anyone had any use mixing or using one of these products?  Let me know. I will continue to try things until I run out. I'll post shortly the experience I had mixing it with KMF gel.


  1. I have 4a hair(mostly, the back is mainly 3c) i used the shea moisture soufflee stuff and their curling smoothie doing a wash and go, with flat twisted front similar to yours. Then again, my aunt does my hair for the most part, so i know her hands were very sticky but my hair is shiny, not slimy. Try that? And i love your blog. :}

  2. Hi! Thanks! fellow 3c/4a. I think I'm mostly 3c with some 4a at my crown and back. Yes, very sticky! but not slimy, just tacky, like a light glue. You know I don't think I have tried just those two products alone, I always feel like I need more hold to get more than a day or two out of it. But when it gets warmer I will try it!


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